Monday, March 16, 2009

A Taste Of What To Come

The Obama Regime has announced that they are investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The investigation was started after leftwing politicians and activists started a public campaign for Arpaio's prosecution because of his active enforcement of immigration laws under an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security.

Interesting, after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had reviewed, then cleared Sheriff Arpaio of allegations that he violated the terms of the agreement between ICE and Maricopa County concerning local enforcement of immigration laws.

The import of the above is not limited to the efforts of the radical left to stop effective immigration enforcement in Arizona, or the United States.

The real import is that what we experienced under the Clintong Regime will be brought back four fold under Eric Holder, the Department of Justice, and Civil Rights Division (CRD). Radical leftists have been appointed to lead the CRD and, according to Secretary Janet "Reno" Napalitano, there will be no enforcment of the immigration laws. and

The misnamed Civil Rights Division has one goal, putting white cops in jail and suing small towns to force them to provide services to illegal aliens in Spanish and other non-English languages. Its staff are radical leftists. I once had a CRD attorney tell me openly that he hates cops. Interestingly, they are also in many ways lazy and have a segregated work environment. Its clerical staff is almost exclusively black females, while almost all the attorneys are white, with a preponderance of homosexual supervisors. I once presented to their office a clear civil rights violation by a federal agent which included kidnapping a child, who also lied to his internal affairs office about the facts surrounding his misconduct, but nothing was done by the CRD.

It appears that we will soon be reliving the anarcho-tyranny of the Clintong Regime, where laws are not enforced against criminals, but the full force of the federal government will be unleased on those enforcing the law, like Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Cops will go to jail, but illegal aliens allowed to roam the U.S. freely.

Sheriff Arpaio is the first victim and the example that the Obama Regime wants to sent to America, to those who dare resist, like Rush Limbaugh, that dissent will not be tolerated. Perhaps the Obama Regime will be smarter and not be so blatant like the Clintong Regime and its murder of Americans at Ruby Ridge and Waco, but I am not so sanguine. They are testing the waters with Sheriff Arpaio, gauging the reaction. Given the response to the Obama Regime's halting of prosecutions of terrorists who comitted 9/11 and the attack on the USS Cole, I think they believe that they cannot be touched.

Look at this, prosecute Sheriff Arpaio, who has arrested more illegal aliens in Maricopa County than ICE has, and then release terrorists from Gitmo. Is there nothing more bizarre than that? Terrorists run free and cops go to jail. Welcome to the future. I think we will look back and wish that we were back under the Clintongs as worse than Ruby Ridge and Waco are coming.

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