Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unfaithfully Not Execute The Laws Of The United States

The President of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States both take oaths to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday announced that drug dealers who supply marijuana to alleged medical users will not be investigated and prosectuted by the Department of Justice. Holder just stated that some persons who violate federal law will no longer be prosectuted but others will.

So if you supply marijuana to persons who do not claim that they are using marijuana for medical reasons, you will be prosectuted, but if you supply it for alleged medical use, you will not be prosectuted. Now, this will open up prosecutions to numerous appeals under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

More importantly, there is no such thing as medical use of marijuana. Some claim that marijuana, well smoking marijuana, cures or treats glaucoma, but no studies have shown that smoking marijuana works any better than the only way to legally receive the active ingredient of marijuana, THC, in pill form by prescription. In reality, California's and other states "medical" marijuana laws have nothing to do with medical treatments. They are designed to legalize use of marijuana. In California you can openly buy a note, and not a prescription, from a physician to use and possess marijuana. The physician in question gives the person no medical exam and makes no effort to use medically or scientifically valid evidence to support the patient's claim to need marijuana. Nor is there any followup with the patient to monitor the treatment that marijuana provides. It is just a cover to allow someone to smoke marijuana, just as Holder is providing cover to drug dealers, in violation of his oath of office.

One should also note that the Physicians Desk Reference does not allow the prescription of smoking marijuana for any treatment, much less the claim that marijuana cures brain tumors as was made in the major Supreme Court decision that upheld the authority of Congress to ban possession, sale, and use of marijuana.

Leftists are always claiming that federal law trumps state law, especially when it comes to Card Check and Right To Work laws, but suddenly, the radical left thinks that federal law can be ignored.

Now, the real reason for this defacto legalization of marijuana by Eric Holder is to make more money available to the Obama re-election campaign who will be racking in the money from these drug dealers.

However, Holder's action is a defacto ex-post-facto veto of legislation, legislation that has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Liberals complained when Ronald Reagan fought against forced busing or evaded the restrictions on assistance to the Nicaraguan Contras claiming any resistance was unconsitutional and even what Bill Moyers called a Constitutional coup d'etat, but here we have the Attorney General openly refusing to enforce the law, and, as Baraka Hussein Obama has done nothing to stop Holder, Obama has adopted this real constitutional coup, willfully refusing to see that the laws of the United States is faithfully executed.

Leftists attacked Jorge Bush for issuing signing statements and refusing to enforce laws as they were written, but are silent on this refusal to enforce the laws of the United States. Now we have it, a clear case of a violation of the Constitution, a high crime and midemeanor. Impeachment must go forward.

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