Thursday, March 26, 2009


The abortionists who issued a false, misleading, and innaccurate intelligence report on crazed rightwing abortion doctor killers were forced to withdraw that report. The report was a lazy rehash of all the hatred of conservatives, pro-life activists, and constitutionalists directed against them by the Janet Reno Justice Department, who, while Al Queda was training at flight schools, was more concerned with arresting and jailing abortion protestors and those who shot abortion doctors (while illegal alien gangbangers ethnically cleansed whole cities of non-Hispanics, especially blacks). Basically it said that anyone who owned guns was a threat to national security and that Islam was a religion of peace. Obvious nonsense, but the Missouri State Police and their FBI partners thought otherwise, and concentrated on finding abortion protestors and those with Ron Paul bumperstickers. Nevermind the Mexican cartel hitmen and Somali jihadis in Minneapolis, just get those NRA members. (h/t Keep and Bear Arms and the Jawa Report (no, not Michelle Obama's bare arms)

The import of this is that the radical left has infiltrated law enforcement and is looking for a showdown. The new Assault Weapons Ban and the next Ruby Ridge/Waco are being planned. Prepare!

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