Saturday, March 21, 2009

The War On Grades

MSN just recently had another article on how bad grades in school are.>1=27001 But the interesting thing was not the article itself, which just regurgitated the nonsense that grades are not a good indicator of success in school or later in work, but the link from the MSN main page to the article. (hit that link soon as it will go away by the end of the day.) The link was a photo of three minorities, one Asian, one Indian and one black. The implication of course was that grades discriminate against minorities. But all of us know that East Asians and South Asian have no problem with grades. As a matter of fact, they scew the grade curve up. But the obvious thing to all is that MSN thinks that grades are bad for black people. Is MSN claiming that grades need to be eliminated in favor of written evaluations from professors so black people can do better in getting jobs they would otherwise be qualified for but are held back by traditional grading? I think that is it. Grades are racist, while professorial evaluations are not. Eliminate objectivity for inobjectivity. And they say conservatives are unscientific. The interesting thing was that the article was about a white woman who used her professorial evaluations to grab a nice job. Funny, so why then the photo of minorities to bring you into the story? Does MSN have an agenda?

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