Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, The Truth Finally Comes Out

In a little notice story about the ambulance chasing lawyer for blood sucking family of the thug Oscar Grant, the truth has come out. In a sideshow, the ambulance chaser has said the shooting was caused by an affair between two of the cops involved in the shooting of Grant, but, of course, neither of them acutally did the shooting. Interesting, it claims that a sexual relationship between two BART cops caused the male cop to come to the rescue when Grant was attacking the female cop.

First, we have a problem in that now liberals are telling us that consenting adults cannot chose their sexual partners. Hhhmmm. Especially in the police. Hhhmmmm. What about the military? And what if the two consenting adults are homosexual? Hhhmmm. Does that mean that the sexual tension and competition in a gay military or one with lots of women in combat is bad for disipline?

OK, I am happy now liberals are agreeing that women should not be cops, women should not be in the military, except as secretaries and that homosexuals in the military will undermine the good disipline of the fighting forces.

Well, that is all true. Maybe that women cop should not have been there. First because she was obviously unable to defend herself, much less make an arrest without assistance, but even more in that a sexual relationship with a man in her unit caused the man to come to her aid when she should have been able to fend for herself in the high pressure, high danger environment of police work. Too much chivalry. That and sexual competition.

But it also explains why homosexuals should not be in the military. Lovers will tend to do the same thing and act to protect their lover and not act as a part of a unit. But then those who are not homosexual will tend not to act in the interests of the unit, as homosexuals will be seen as outside the unit peer and bonding unit because they add sexual tension where it is not wanted or appreciated. Straight men will not act to save the homosexual who is an outsider and one who is giving out unwanted sexual attention. Straight soldiers will then not act and cause even more unit collapse. Units will have to deal with men protecting women, men protecting other men, and men not acting to help their unit members. This will destroy unit cohesion.

Boy, am I glad liberals get it now.

Second, and on to the real revelation. Supposedly Oscar Grant was a nice boy with some checkered parts of his past that he had left there in the past. But the article finally reveals that Grant was the agressor in this situation, attacking a female officer who was smaller and weaker than him. (Boy, is that a great idea, small, weak female cops confronting bigger, stronger, male criminals. Who thought up that one? Liberals?)

So, as I said before, Oscar Grant committed suicide by cop, but unintentionably. As we said when we were kids, smooth move Ex-lax.

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