Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why Do We Go On?

Hugh Hewitt had another why do we go on moment on his radio show. He wondered on March 18 aloud why Demoncrat Henry Waxman, Communist from southern California, was against reforming the new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act that is destroying billions in children's consumer goods at a great cost to business and destroying jobs.

Here we have one of the smartest conservatives on radio and he makes a statement worthy of Jorge Bush. Well Hugh, since you haven't figured Comrade Waxman out, I got it for you: That is Waxman's goal, destroying American businesses, American jobs, and the American economy. His goal, along with that of all socialists, liberals, communists, and greens is the transformation of America into a socialist state. Comrade Waxman is implementing the Obama Regime practice of using crises to their benefit, expanding the range and power of the federal government at the expense of liberty.

Leftists like Waxman want more people on welfare, more people dependant on the government. A person without a job and depandant on government for healthcare, food, and shelter, is a dependable voter for the radical left. Hewitt lives in Southern California, which has been transformed from the engine of America to the welfare capital of America. Total power is Waxman's goal and destroying the economy is a path to that goal. Hewitt should wake up and realize that. He just continues to believe that leftists are honorable, but that is a myth.

Hewitt should know that leftists are liars and deceivers from your regular guest, Erwin Chemerinsky, who just recently lied again on his radio show on Thursday March 19.

Chemerinsky claimed that no person has ever been arrested and held on American soil without trial except under the Lincoln Adminstration. Of course, that is not true. It is a lie, and not a mistake by Chemerinsky as Chemerinsky is activily participating in the defense of terrorists and has read, commented on, and filed replies in federal courts acknowledging that Americans and aliens were held without trial during World War II, including unlawful Axis combatants, Axis non-combatants and Amercian citizens of Japanese ancestry. Some were even tried before summary courts marial and executed. Chemerinsky brazenly lied on your radio program. And the Supreme Court ruled it was all legal. You have to get over your myopia that leftists are honorable and honest. They are devious liars and their goals are the destruction of the United States.

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