Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apparently Blacks Can't Read, Write or Memorize

The ACLU, NAACP, and Baraka Hussein Obama apparently agree that black people cannot pass a test that includes reading, writing, and memorization. Apparently they all agree that blacks have a lower IQ than whites and Hispanics. Curiously the article says that Hispanics can be of any race, but La Raza, the largest racist group in the U.S. aside from the NAACP and the Demoncrat Party, say they are a race.

Here is the money quote: "But after the results came back, the city says it found evidence that the tests were potentially flawed. Sources of bias included that the written section measured memorization rather than actual skills needed for the jobs; giving too much weight to the written section [emphasis mine]; and lack of testing for leadership in emergency conditions, according to a brief filed by officers of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology."

So, how much weigh is too much weight for black people? Inquiring liberals should be asking that question.

Apparently the detectives at the city of New Haven only realized the test was racist after the test was administered and only whites and Hispanics, I gues Hispanic whites, passed.

Interestingly one of the black complainers, a captain, says that the New Haven Fire Department has a network of racists he call "The Network." If that is true, how did he pass the test previously, at least twice, since he passed it for Lieutenant and for Captain. But how does this racist conspiracy exist in a city that itself wants to throw out the results of the test. Racists only in the Fire Department? How did that happen with commie liberals controling the rest of the city? I guess all those black liberal politicians are easily diverted by all those white Fire Department Lieutenants, Captains, and Chiefs. Maybe they couldn't memorize the names of all those white Fire Department managers and fire them for misconduct.

Also, why is it that liberals always identify the reason they are oppressed to some mysterious conspiracy? Are they conspiracy nuts? Dare I say Black helicopter crowd? Would that be racist? Like Black holes?

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