Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baraka The Crack Head

Baraka Hussein Obama, the first President to use powder cocaine, has decided that too many black people are spending too much time in Federal prison for crack cocaine offenses. And, instead of making powder cocaine offenses the same as crack cocaine offenses, Obama has decided that sentences for crack cocaine should be lowered and not sentences for powder cocaine offenses increased.

First, this is sympomatic of Baraka Hussein Obama's racism. Here black people are the continual victim and have no control over their behavior. It is similar to the belief by the Obama Regime that black people are too stupid to pass a simple written test.

Second is the covering by Baraka Hussein Obama of his criminal behavior. Instead of his powder cocaine use being exposed by an increased penalty, he distances himself from the crime by lowering the penalty for crack cocaine. Of course, the fun thing will be that it will increase the use of crack cocaine, especially among blacks, the primary users anyway. So Baraka Hussein Obama wins by having more blacks on welfare and assorted drug programs, dependant on even more government spending. And Obama wins by lessening the penalty for powder cocaine, mainly trafficed and used by Hispanics. So, Obama wins more votes of the drug using Hispanic vote. He also cements his vote among the hipster white crowd who are still adicted to powder cocaine and have another reason to vote for their drug messiah.

So, Obama is a winner all round. More blacks, Hispanics and whites who want drug legalization, which validates his drug adled behavior in college. The first stoner President, to match the first Muslim President and the first half-black President.

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Anonymous said...

Black people are making Crack Cocaine from powder. There is a whole regime of criminals spending government welfare checks to be hipster cocaine addicts.