Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming Soon To Your Town

Well, we have a capture pirate. Great, and he is claiming he is a minor and his neighbors from the village that supplies the pirate manpower say he is a nice boy who was tricked into joining the pirate band.

The good thing is that the United States Federal Defender's Office is ready and willing to get him off and, more important to liberals, get him a green card and a welfare check, after which he will rob, rape, and murder his way through America, because you cannot blame a victim of terror. Undoubtedly they will be aided by legions of powerful law firms that are also helping the Gitmo detainees.

And if you don't believe me, Attorney General Holder says that Gitmo detainees are coming to the U.S.
(ignore the first part of the article dealing with Mexico and scroll down) (h/t Gateway Pundit

So why not a minor pirate or two?

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