Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Communist Fantasies At The New York Times

The venerable NYT published a story about a Japanese village that it advertised as reminiscent of Communism. But the story revealed more about the NYT' political fantasies rather than what was really happening in that tiny Japanese village.

Factually, the economy of the small island was more indicative of fascism than communism. Government subsidies of farmer and fishermen rather than collective farms and boats; a traditional leadership style, rather than one of egghead killers, social isolation for the rest of the economy, an emphasis on sacrifice for the common good, etc. As a matter of fact, if the reporter knew anything about Japanese culture, he would have seen the unanimously elected mayor and his predecessor father as the traditional Japanese village headman, an inherited position, and defacto leader and representative to the local feudal lord, the Daimyo.

Obviously no comparison is perfect, but it is more instructive of the NYT' fantasy about the viability of "true" communism. Liberal eggheads always complain that someone always makes mistakes implementing communism by creating bad PR like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and they are constantly searching for the communism that works, but it appears that the "true" communism that works is a descendant of Japanese traditionalism and fascism.

How ironic, but predictable, as the NYT is continually on the look for the next communist paradise for use in badgering Americans into surrendering their freedoms.

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