Monday, April 20, 2009

Disturbed By Evidence, Not By Behavior

The New York Times is disturbed; very disturbed, by the demographics of DNA databases. Apparently too many black men are in DNA databases of criminals. "Critics are also disturbed by the demographics of DNA databases. Again Britain is instructive. According to a House of Commons report, 27 percent of black people and 42 percent of black males are genetically registered, compared with 6 percent of white people." (h/t Instapundit

Rather than be disturbed by the 70% illegitemacy and widespread crime that devestate black people and their community, as well as the other communities that pay for their illegitemacy and crime, the NYT is concerned that the expanding use of DNA taken from arrestees will somehow harm black people. The NYT never mentions that all persons who are arrested have their fingerprints taken and those fingerprints are never purged, even if the person is not charged or is found innocent. The names of arrestees are also taken and held forever even if that person is not charged or convicted.

The NYT is rather concerned that DNA records are maintained of many people not charged or convicted, or even taken at all from minors. Why is it concerned? The only reason is that those DNA records will help solve crimes in the future and the NYT thinks that there are too many black people in prison or arrested for their behavior, which the NYT thinks is caused by blue-eyed white people, like the President of Brazil.

They virtually ignore the fact that an DNA database that includes those arrested but not convicted has no impact on those individuals, except providing evidence if they commit another crime. Basically, the NYT hates any idea that would convict more criminals, especially if those criminals are black. The NYT obviously is not disturbed at all by black criminal activity, but by blacks held accountable in the criminal justice system.

I am certain you are all shocked, shocked by that attitude.

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