Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foreign Policy As Service For Pseudo-Americans

Dual loyalty Americans are in the news again. I posted on them recently below. Check it out, as there is more news that America is being manipulated by the dual loyalty Americans and foreign governments.

Al Gore's Current TV has a leftist agenda; radical Islam, anti-human extremist environmentalists, abortion, homosexuality and the rest of the agenda.

So, what is Al Gore's angle on this? Gore has become a radical leftist, apparently swallowing the whole agenda. One of the demands recently of the radical left is more immigration. Even Jorge Bush was recently demanding that more north Korean refugees be brought to the U.S. for no apparent reason. Logically, north Korean refugees should go to south Korea. According to south Korean law, all Koreans, are Korean citizens. Korean law says that all of Korea is one country and the division is illegitimate. Acutally the north agrees and says the same thing. Koreans are united in that all Koreans share Korean citizenship. Accordingly escapees from the north are welcome in the south and hold rights even stronger than foreign born Jews do in Isreal. But for some reason, the radical left wants more refugees, meaning non-white refugees as white refugees from South Africa and the UK, are imprisoned. and North Korean refugees coming to the U.S. are welcome and not imprisoned.

Clearly, Gore's agenda here is to increase non-white immigration to the U.S.

So, here we have two naturalized American citizens of Korean descent creating an international incident. Clearly though Baraka Hussein Obama is not going to make an issue of Americans arrested overseas by regimes he has no real objection to. However, their capture, as the article describes, gives north Korea a wedge, or at least a public wedge, perhaps a wedge that gives Obama the excuse to do two things; Surrender to north Korea on the nuclear issue and give a public reason to accept more north Korean refugees. More north Korean refugees also gives the communist regime and their Chinese and Iranian supporters a greater chance of installing deep cover agents in the U.S. under the guise of being anti-communist refugees, just like the famous deep cover Cuban agent, Ana Montes.

So, Obama gets a three-fer, more non-white immigrants, a victory for a fellow communist, and deep cover agents inserted in the U.S. government. All thanks to Al Gore.

And, if you don't think that Baraka Hussein Obama hates America, why did he accept an anti-American gift from America hater Hugo Chavez?


Pinto bean said...

I noticed quite a few foreigners holding high ranking security sensative positions in our government. I always used to think that if you had dual citizenship that you were not eligible to hold certain positions in the US government unless you gave up your citizenship to the other country. Or if you vote in another countries elections you forfeit your US citizenship. Then again who knows.

Federale said...

Hi Pinto, Great to hear from you, but, unfortuneately, dual citizenship holders, like Rahm Emmanuel and many others, mostly Mexican and Isreali, are quite common and have no impact on a security clearance or federal government position. Some countries like Mexico, Isreal and China in particular actively recruit their dual nationals for overt political influence and as spies. Just look at Larry Chin, a Chinese American and Jonathan Pollard, both spies, and there is Juan Hernandez, an advisor to the McCain campaign an American of Mexican ancestry who became a Mexican citizen and served in the Cabinet of Vicente Fox. Such is dual nationality, it is dual loyalty. Before a horrible decision by the Warren Court, one could loose citizenship by voting or serving in the military or government of a foreign state. Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967)