Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lying Liars And The Lies They Tell

Japan is much stricter about both illegal and legal immigration that the U.S. and consquently has lower crime, a high standard of living, and better social cohesion and happyness.

However, the illegals there play the same games that illegals here do. One of the common characteristics of both sets of illegal aliens is that they lie in an effort to remain in their chosen home.

In the above case in Japan, the illegal alien parents of Noriko Calderon, Arlan and Sarah Calderon, Philippino citizens, claim that their daughter only speaks Japanese. This is quite commonly claimed by illegals here, mostly by Mexicans who claim that they brought their children here young and they only speak English, and would be unable to be deported to Mexico because they cannot speak Spanish.

Usually the illegals only speak Spanish, but no one in the media ever asks how do the children and parents communicate if the parents don't speak English and the children don't speak Spanish. An obvious question one would think, but beyond the ken of the media, or at least not on their agenda.

In the above case in Japan, we have a repetition of the same thing. Philippino parents claiming they never taught their daughter Tagolog or English. Well, I have known many Philippinos, and they all teach their children their home language, unless they are second generation or more American. First generation always uses Tagalog or other Filippino language at home. I don't believe for one minute Noriko speaks only Japanese, especially since with a Filippino last name she would stand out in Japanese schools, where foreigners are rightly treated badly. Also, I bet there is a baptismal certificate somewhere that shows "Noriko" also has a Christian first name as well.

Just as all Mexicans in the U.S. use Spanish at home with their children. The media also makes the mistake of admitting that when they write sob stories about illegals having to use their children as interpretors. Contradicts the widespread claim by illegals that their children can't be deported because they don't speak Spanish.

So, next time you hear an illegal claim he speaks no Spanish and should not be deported because of it, know it for the lie it is.

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