Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More On The DHS War On Patriotic Americans

In the wake of the recalled Missouri State Police and Fusion Center report that Ron Paul supporters were on the rampage and the DHS report that gun owners were all secret Klansmen, the Virginia Fusion Center, funded by DHS and run by the FBI intell agents, has also issued a report reminissent of the Janet Reno parinoia about those who dare protest abortion. http://www.infowars.com/media/vafusioncenterterrorassessment.pdf The report is a rehash of all the anti-American lies from the radical left, including those who own guns, were veterans, opposed abortion, and those who supported the 10th Amendment. No mention at all of the real terrorism threat, radical Islam, the only group, besides ecco-terrorists and anarchists, with any ability or interest attacking the U.S. No mention at all of 9/11, or Somali terrorists returning from training in Somalia, nothing of the threat of Pakistani emigrants who have been behind all the attacks in the UK since the attacks in 2005, including the attempt to use liquid explosives to destroy airliners in flight. It appears that DHS and the FBI think that a Catholic bishop praying outside an abortion clinic was a threat to the state.

Waco here we come!! Whoohoo!!!!!!

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