Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama The Killer

Well, it is official. An American is dead because of Baraka Hussein Obama's refusal to close the border with Mexico to keep the Swine Flu out.

For political reasons, Baraka Hussein Obama, with the support of Janet Reno Napalitano and his fellow abortionist Kathleen Sebelius, refused to take the action necessary to keep America safe.

Just like his plans to prosecute Jorge Bush, Dick Cheney, and others who used waterboarding to extract information from terrorists like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Baraka Hussein Obama's decision to keep the borders open was based on an ideological commitment to supporting illegal immigration and submission to the radical ideology of racist Mexican groups like La Raza (The Race).

Baraka Hussein Obama may not want to kill you, but he will. Either by Swine Flu or by allowing the next terrorist attack by his fellow Muslims.

I certainly hope he is prosecuted for murder and treason under the next Republican Administration.

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