Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Immigrants Want To Learn English?

Liberals often claim that immigrants come here and want to be Americans and learn English, but, as I have shown earlier, they just want the convinience of an American passport, they don't want to learn English, and here is the proof.

State Senator Leland Yee, a whining lying liberal, says that many years ago his uncle got bad service at a hardware store one day and that is why every store in California should have full time translators in every language available instantaneously or that store will be liable to give the non-English speaking customer thousands of dollars. Obviously that story is not verifyable and is probably a lie. In any event, his uncle should have learned English. Why didn't he? Probably lazy and not loyal to America, like Larry Chin and Wen Ho Lee, the Red Chinese spies. and

It is funny as Leland Yee started out in politics as a Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco. His support obviously came from the Chinese speaking voters, thanks to tax-payers who provide free Chinese language ballots to the immigrants who can't be bothered to learn English. So, not speaking English was Yee's entre to politics and now hard working Americans are going to have to pay for it through higher taxes and costs of goods they purchase at any retail outlet.

It also exposes immigrants as not willing to acculturate and puts lie to the mantra by the radical left that immgrants want to learn English.

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