Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties In Maryland National Guard Sights

A radical leftist at the Maryland National Guard has targeted the Tea Parties and their participants as potential terrorists.

In fact, protestors who cause violence are exclusively leftists, and at liberal demonstrations violence is common. Violence never happens at demonstrations by conservatives or libertarians. Violence is a tactic by the left and has been since the French Revolution and institutionalized by all stripes of socialists: Nazis, racial-Marxists, Communists, anarchists, and unions.

I noticed that there are no protests from the ACLU that the military is now involved in gathering intelligence and targeting law abiding Americans this time. I suppose that the ACLU wants some Americans monitored.

Perhaps you should contact the prime suspect in this Maryland National Guard slander of patriotic Americans:

Wilkinson, Todd Lt Col Operations 410-702-9068 410-652-7744


jeb said...

Why is it you conspiracy theory nutjobs never read the posts you are blogging about ? Read the MyPetJawa archive piece you are referencing. It says that the Guard lists ALL activities on a daily basis. The Tea Party was not on some hit list.

Remember Katrina ? When the government, and the morons that lived below sea level weren't ready for it - the National Guard was. This is what they do. They get ready for ANY large gathering of ANY one. They watch the weather when no one else does. And they go to war when there aren't enough guys in the standing military, to protect people like you.

The person you should be reffering everyone to is Janet Napolitano - head of DHS. She is the one who put out the original memos that have set everything in motion. And before that, she was an incompetant out west, to earn her Obama circus appointment.

The operations guy you pulled off some website phone list has nothing to do with anything. Although, he DID serve in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now HE will get the outrage calls and the crap that should be going to the White House and Capital Hill.

The Guard stands by to do whatever is needed - including take care of anything that might happen to any of their own personnel that might be involved in a Tea Party.

Federale said...

Hi Jeb,

Obviously you are a Guardsman and I assume you are talking about FEMA not being ready for Katrina. However, the only government that was not ready for Katrina was the city of New Orleans and its chocolate mayor and the demoncrat governor as well. FEMA does not manage disaster response. That is the responsibility of the governor's, called the Governors Authorized Representative in the Stafford Act.

But, back to the issue at hand, the Maryland National Guard's report on the threat from the Tea Parties.

First, none of the organizers of the Tea Parties are groups that represent any threat to government buildings. The Tea Party organizers don't organize riots or violent demonstrations, aren't associated with groups that do, nor are they fronts for groups that do. This so-called intelligence report is nothing of the sort. It identifies no real threat, no hostile group, nothing of intelligence value or force protection value. Now the demonstrations against your Democrat hero Baraka Hussein Obama are over, and what happened? Nothing. No violence, no entry on federal property, nothing.

Now you claim that the National Guard lists all activities. I think not, as that would be illegal. An intelligence report should deal only with credible or possible threats, not every political activity going on every day. Especially not those that represent any threat at all. And the MNG report is no different from the DHS report. Full of useless information targeting political opponents.

Now, I am guessing that you are that LTC that wrote that report since you know so much about the LTC that did not. I suggest you take credit for it publically.

jeb said...

No, I am not even in the military. Bad eyesight. I just keep informed on this stuff, and know MANY Guard families. And I know that the operations guy you referred to would not be high enough on the food chain to generate the MDANG report that you are upset over.

But I did read the update posted on MyPetJawa, which reads in part-

"UPDATE: I just got an email from an old friend who works in government security and he says #2 is right:

Anything that could impact forces - including transiting to/from a base - is included in FPAs. They do them for protests by the left (there was one by animal rights folks protesting pigs being used in military experiments testing damage from roadside bombs) to right (like when the Phelps family showing up to spew their vitriol). All the other stuff in it is boilerplate.

Which kind of backs up my initial feeling about it. So, this is probably just a case of someone knowing a protest was coming up and then adding it to a boilerplate memo.

Possibly bad judgment thinking protesters = kooks, but then again you have to admit most of the time it's the kooks that come out to protests. Which is why the right has far fewer protests than the left."

The DHS reports don't have to be right, or even backed up with facts. They just have to be issued, and the Guard must follow its orders.

Remember- this DHS memo was originally sent out to all law enforcement agencies- some of whom made it public to us. I'm sure that the MD State Police, among others, were on standby as well.

Again- I refer you back to Janet Napolitano, who is doing quite a back pedal now that these memos got out. And her report DID specify that pretty much ANYONE with conservative views is now to be watched. ( The only vet she's ever met was probably Timothy McVeigh, whose case she worked on. That is where all this begins.)

Get your readers to write to their senators and congressmen.
Maybe we can get this woman fired.

Federale said...

If a law enforcement agency took action, like being on "standby" as you claim the Maryland State Police were, they would spend their whole time on standby. However, in intelligence work, you have to be able to distinguish between threats, like Al Queda, Earth Liberation Front, Black Block, and law abiding people who want their voices heard.

I was at a Tea Party, and there were about 5 cops there, mostly for traffic control. The demonstration was at a Federal Building, but because there was no threat, there were no Federal Protective Services officers or extra U.S. Marshals Service Contract Security Officers to be seen.

So, in fact, real law enforcement agencies, not those motivated by political agenda, like DHS and MNG, could discern between a treat and what is not a threat.

Oh, and by the way, DHS has no authority over MNG. DHS can issue all the nonsense reports it wants, but the MNG does not have to follow them, especially those that have no basis in fact.