Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why America Is Dying

Meghan McCain for some reason is obsessed with male homosexuals. I don't know why, but it is a strange phenomonen among single straight white women, usually those who are somewhat attractive, or think they are. Just why is it? That they are both attracted to men? Could be. A homosexual also represents safety to a straigh woman, who, in the old days, did not associate with other straight men other than in the presence of her husband. There she also felt safe from predation because she had a man to protect her. But now straight women have no protection. No husband. Boyfriend is not allowed to protect her because that threatens her feminist ideology and feminists also deny that black predators exist. So you can't have protection from a threat that she believes does not exist, but still she feels unsafe. So, enter the homosexual man. She can be commmfortable around them and they are not a threat. Of course, the only problem is that a homosexual male friend will not provide for her, but she is already taken care of by grandfather's money, a dominant heterosexual by the way, who got money the old fashioned way, working hard. Something that Meghan rejects, just as she rejects heterosexuality for others, and having babies herself. You see, if not for the sons of John McCain, there would be no more McCains, because the slightly overweight Meghan will not have children, as besides being obsessed with male homosexuality (and, of course, not lesbianism, because she would never do that.) she is also obsessed with her weight, and her homosexual friends hate breeders, and she would never do anything to make her male homosexual friends think she was a breeder, though they both enjoy having sex with men, or at least Meghan thinks she should be having or enjoying sex with men, but I think Meghan doesn't put out much, because she can't find a man good enough for her or rich enough. Nothing more childless than a rich single woman, as she cannot find someone richer than her who wants a lesser attractive woman such as her. And no man who works for a living or satisfies her will put up with her faghag doings. No real man wants anything to do with homosexuals, just as Meghan spends her time with male homosexuals, not lesbians. Because you know that Meghan has no lesbian friends.

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