Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Does Jessica Alba Want To Be White?

Or, more importantly why does she have a love-hate relationship with white America. Hottie Jessica Alba is back to being blond, after a drought of sorts since Fantastic Four sequel. She was also blond in Sin City, and, as a matter of fact, most of her Hollywood life. But why? She is half white and half Mexican American. A southern California native, she should love what all has been given to her. But she hates America and is ashamed that her parents did not teach her Spanish. Apparently her father was a patriotic Mexican-American, but not Jessica. She thinks being a Latino is more important than being an American. But, since she abandoned Christianity for Hollywood, what would you expect. Christians and non blondes do go far there. I guess blondness and atheisim were the price of fame, sort of reminds you of Faust. Good luck with that Jessica.

Jessica hates America, but wants to be like her blonde Danish mother. She must be breaking up inside. Hates her mother for being white, but wants to be a white blonde, hates her father for speaking English and being a patriot, but loves the Spanish he never used but was his heritage, (which I suspect she does not speak very well in the end) hates America, but loves the money Americans give her through her motion pictures. And just why doesn't she want to learn Danish and speak Danish to her children? Perhaps Danish is too difficult a language.

So what is a poor little rich girl going to do? Why does she want to be blonde, which is an obvious desire to be white? For the money? Is she that transparent and cheap? I think so. Or it is very obvious.

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