Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Obama Is A Muslim: Liveblogging The Press Conference

Baraka Hussein Obama is a Muslim and admitted that today at his press conference. Not in so many words, but some hints were given.

First, his mispronunication of Pakistan. He ostentatiously pronounces Pakistan, Pah-kistan, not Pa-kistan. Pah-kistan is the Muslim pronunication of Pakistan. Non Muslims and Americans use the short "a" when pronouncing Pakistan, but Muslims and pretentious people use the "ah" sound.

Second, Obama stated that waterboarding is torture and it will not be used under his regime. That means if there is a weapon of mass destruction coming to the U.S. or one already here, Baraka Hussein Obama will not use waterboarding to find it. That means that millions of Americans lives hang in the balance. It appears that Obama will allow Muslims to target and kill Americans. The moron even denied what his own intelligence chief said was true, torture works. If it works and he won't use it, that means that Obama is on the side of the Muslim terrorists.

Third, Obama said that he wants to end the war in Iraq, but then stated that he wants to work with all parties in Iraq. If he wants to withdraw and end the war, why is he stating that he will involve himself in the actions of the Iraqi people and government? Because he wants to protect his fellow Muslims. Did he lie about his opposition to the war? It appears so. He wants to manage Iraq. Well, how is he going to do that without US troops there and fighting?

Fourth, Obama said that we can stop the Swine Flu by washing our hands, covering out mouths when we cough, and taking sick leave. But nothing about how to really stop the Swine Flu: Quarentining Mexico and closing the border with Mexico. Washing your hands and covering your mouth will do nothing. Once you are infectious, you are spreading the disease. And you are infectious before you have any symptoms. What a moron. Stop an epidemic by washing your hands. No, you end an epidemic by quarentining those infected and those geographic areas where there are infections. Baraka Hussein Obama is killing Americans, allowing Americans to die and aiding those who will kill Americans.

Is there no lawyer out there who will file charges against Obama?

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