Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why We Are Loosing

Baraka Hussein Obama is going to give a commencement speech at Notre Dame University. The man who worships abortion and Allah is the guest of an alleged Catholic university and an alleged priest of God who is president of the University. At the same time an abortion opponent, Mary Ann Glendon, was to be given the Laetare Medal, an award to fidelity to the teachings of the Church. Instead of confronting Baraka Hussein Obama and his support for killing unborn children and children who survive abortion and who worships a black rock in Mecca, Gordon will be refusing the award.

This is why we are loosing. In cases like this, we should publicly confront evil, like Baraka Hussein Obama's worshiping of abortion and Allah. She should accept the award and in her acceptance speech call out Baraka Hussein Obama for his hatred and support of murder. She should make him squirm and embarrass him in public.

Not only that but every Catholic attending the commencement ceremony should bring a whistle and drown out his lies, hatred, and Satanic utterings that support killing the innocent.

We are loosing and it is because we refuse to confront the left and use their tactics against them. The left is winning with those same tactics. We should adopt them. Embarass and humiliate the President each time he appears in public.

I will call this campaign Whistles For Victory.

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