Thursday, May 21, 2009

Case Closed

Despite my modesty, I must call another one. Janet Reno Napalitano has confirmed what I posted before. The new crackdown on criminal aliens and employers is a cover for the origional Jorge Bush policy of not enforcing the law. See my analysis here: and here:

Here is the money quote: "'Before we go in and arrest a bunch of workers, we need to make sure we've done what we need to do to prepare a case against the employer if there's a basis to believe that an employer is knowingly hiring illegal immigrants," Napolitano said. "We recognize that the bulk of illegal immigration is because of labor demand. You've got to get at that 'pull' factor if you're going to have an impact.'"

Now, despite the Bush policy of prosecuting employers, not much was actually done in that area, but they did try. However, given the fact that an employer must accept any document presented to it on face value unless it is obviously counterfeit or face a lawsuit by the same Department of Justice for what is euphamistically called "immigration related discrimination," most employers have no need to participate in the fraud or actively recruit illegals. Counterfeit documents of minimum quality useful for allowing an employer to accept them is widespread. No employer really needs to participate in immigration related fraud.

So, then, we have it. Janet Reno Napalitano has instructed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin long and what will be eventually fruitless investigations into employers, so that the illegals can be ignored and allowed to continue working until the upcoming amnesty. Add to the fact that Obama appointed United States Attorneys will do nothing about accepting any of the employer related cases presented to it by ICE or actively discourage ICE from performing those investigations by demanding unreasonable levels of evidence or ridiculously high numbers of offenses on behalf of the employers.

The bureaucracy has millions of ways not to do their jobs. Believe me, I know...........

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