Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead Man Walking, Part Deux

Some of you might remember the thug Oscar Grant who was accidentally shot by Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) police officer Johannes Mehserle earlier this year. As the racist hype flamed by the liberal media in San Francisco has disipated, the facts are starting to come out. As I observed before, the life expectancy of a black thug in Oakland is determined by his decisions in life. See here: and here: All the major events in Oscar Grant's short and dangerous to others life were determined by his behavior. Was his behavior determined genentically, as liberals claim homosexuality is? I don't know, but the why of how he made his decisions in life are not the question here. The issue is that his decisions were made by him and shaped his life.

As for his death, the facts are starting to come out. and (Even the prosecution witnesses agree that Grant and his thug friends were not cooperative with the police who were arresting him.)

In this testimony, a female officer of color, Marysol Domenici, testified that had Grant and his friends cooperated and not resisted arrest, Grant would be alive today. Just as I stated, when one is in contact with the police, your decisions and Grant's decisions, determine what will happen to you.

Grant was a vicious but not a full time thug, associating with drunken thugs that dominated his life and behavior. His time on this earth was limited, limited by his bad decisions on life, on work, on his behavior, on his disregard for the lives and property of others. While that may be cool to the white homosexual politicians and journalists of the San Francisco Bay Area, they just love a rebel of color, the reality of a thug life if much different from the bondage clubs of San Francisco. And those decisions, though validated by the culture of the San Francisco area are not without consequence, which for Oscar Grant, like the cop-killer Lovell Mixon, make life short, nasty and brutish.

Fortuneately the facts are coming out. Cops and witnesses are testifying about the dangerous behavior of Grant and his thug associates. It is sad that the Alameda County District Attorneys Office, which usually only prosecutes people like Grant and Mixon, has decided to do what most liberals dream of doing, prosecuting the Great White Defendant. But like Tom Wolfe's novel and in the real case of the Duke Lacrosse Players, the reality is quite different. No Great White Defendant here, just a tragic mistaking of a pistol for a Tazer. A little more than what happened at Duke, but not much. All the witnesses agree that Mehserle was shocked after a shot was fired. But, the reality of this situation is the racism of the black community here. A colleauge of mine, who is an attorney as well as a ______, had the temerity to claim that Merserle intentionally and with forethought decided that day to go shoot a black man. Of course, he is black and is so racist that he could not get beyond his feelings of comradery with Grant. I just hope and pray that he never gets in that situation, as the black community will be screaming for his blood, too.

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