Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eight Year Investigation

Recently I provided information to readers that the new Obama Regime policy of concentrating on employers rather than the illegal immigrant workers was going to be unsuccessful, and purposely so, as the Obama Regime wants to protect the illegal alien worker, ensuring that the illegal aliens remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty.

A perfect example of the ineffectiveness of this policy of concentrating scarce resources to target employers has recently come to light. Ineffective not in that some arrests were made, but given the time and resources involved in the case, it was a waste of resources in that the time and manpower could have been better used to find and arrest thousands of illegal aliens.

In this case out of Kansas City, 12 arrests were made of aliens involved in smuggling and employing illegal aliens by Abrorkhodja Askarkhodjaev and eleven other Uzbeki and Moldovan immigrants and a couple of Americans. Using a number of front companies, the defendants brought in hundreds of aliens to work in various industries as contract labor. From the indictment, the crime appears to have begun in 2001, but reached an ongoing and continuous operation sometime in 2006, continuing through the handing down of the indictment in May 2009.

Here we have an ongoing crime covering eight years. We don't know when the government became aware of the crime, but I would estimate sometime after 2006 from information in the indictment.

This time period begins just as the Bush Administration begins and the Obama Regime begins. Those arrested were immigrants from the former Soviet Union, so, most likely, came over during the Clinton Admininstration. The important aspect is that illegal aliens were used as contract labor for several years with no interference from the then INS and now Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The interesting fact, is that the conspirators were able to submit obviously false applications for legal non-immigrant H-2A visas for unskilled laborers and there was no real review of the applications, the sponsoring companies, or the place the aliens were to work. Visas were easily obtained and afterward nothing done to verify that the aliens went to work at the jobs and places described in their visa applications.

This was so because under the Bush Administration and before it under Clinton, there was no worksite enforcement or investigations into work visa fraud.

What the indictment does not tell us though is the status of all the illegal aliens involved in the scheme, which the indictment describes as the victims of the conspiracy, given their working and living conditions. What we don't know is what is being done with those aliens, but most likely they have all be released by the Obama Regime and given work permits, just as in the infamous raid on the Yamato Engine Specialists raid in Bellingham, WA, earlier this year. In anticipation of the upcoming amnesty, they have been allowed to remain and compete with American workers in these times of high unemployment, driving down wages and increasing welfare costs.

Now, had the resources been used to prevent visa fraud and to arrest illegal aliens, instead of a years long investigation that resulted in only 12 arrests and the release of scores of illegal aliens into the welfare system, the costs of this investigation are enormous, with little results.

Even more likely, those arrested, all of alien origin, most likely to have been naturalized during the criminal conspiracy that started back in 2001, will not loose their citizenship, as DHS has little stomach for the demanding task of de-naturalizing an alien. It will arrest and prosecute them, but not make the effort to see that they can be deported. It is very interesting in the light of the case of John Demjanjuk, whom the government spent millions to de-naturalize and deport on two occasions, even after finding out that the first prosecution was based on phony documents provided by the KGB. It will not take millions to de-naturalize these former Soviet thugs, but then the Obama Regime does not consider Uzbekis to be a threat, even if they are convicted.

Over a period of a number of years, this investigation resulted in 12 arrests. What if that time had been spent everyday on the streets of Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago, or Kansas City. How many illegal aliens could one agent, much less the dozen or more involved in this case, have arrested over the same time period. Undoubtedly hundreds and in the process showing the illegal alien population that the law was being enforced. That would have driven some home, some deeper underground, but would have discouraged even more from coming if the newspapers of Mexico were filled with horror stories of illegal aliens being stopped and arrested on the streets of major American cities.

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