Friday, May 22, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing, American Style

Much ado has been made about the recent arrests of illegal aliens from Mexico who were ethnically cleansing black Americans from the Los Angeles suburb of Hawaiian Gardens." Interestingly enough, Janet Reno Napalitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were not involved. It was an FBI operation along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. While the press release mentions ICE as part of the Los Angeles High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, ICE was prominently not mentioned as an actively participating agency. The only other federal agency mentioned as actively participating was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE). It is frightening, and telling, that ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal aliens, one of the few areas where the FBI does not have primary federal law enforcement authority, was not involved.

Much ado was made by Janet Reno Napalitano of the threat to America by white Christian heterosexual men in two deeply flawed intelligence reports, one of which was just a rewrite of anti-white and anti-Christian propoganda published by the Anti-Defamation Leauge and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

However, the real threat to Americans, black and white, comes from Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants who are lawless, violent, and racist. And ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal immigration enforcement, did nothing over a number of years, starting with George H.W. Bush, and continuing through Clinton, George W. Bush, and, now, with the Obama Regime.

Ethnic cleansing is not an uncommon crime committed by Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants. Many once white or black areas of southern California are now dominated by illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico. Hawaiian Guardens was not unusual. As a matter of fact, the alleged gang responsible, Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang is not really a gang, but a loose association of like minded Mexicans who hate all who are not Mexican, and specifically blacks, but whites are victims as well, but mostly as taxpayers who fund the welfare and law enforcement that deal with the Mexican influx. But it has been more deadly for blacks, who live closer to Mexicans. Whites either keep Mexicans out by using property price, or move out once Mexicans move in, because they know what will happen next.

The tragedy is that black leaders, like Maxime Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing about this ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide that was going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere. They spend too much time attacking the mythological KKK or the very real Korean grocers as threats to blacks, while blacks were being killed by their fellow people of color, and, as this story showed, really killed and really run out of neighborhoods.

And this went on for years, ignored by every administration, including Obama, who is seeking to bring in more illegal aliens with amnesty and settling terrorists from around the world in America.

Blacks need to learn that whites aren't the only target of the radical left's policy of replacing the American population with third world immigrants, even violently if necessary.

But back to Janet Reno Napalitano and the dog that did not bark, ICE being missing in action. The law enforcement philosophy of the FBI is to be involved in everything and to apply no long term enforcement action to any law enforcement problem. Why, because long term application to a problem results in little publicity, which is the FBIs lifeline. In some ways this is justified, as the U.S. Attorney's Offices (USAO) and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice (main Justice) are as fickle as the prom queen on crime. One day a certain crime is priority, the next day another crime is the priority. An agent can bring an excellent case to main Justice or a USAO and have it rejected outright for a number of reasons, the most important being that it is not the crime du jour or, more importantly, there are so many federal crimes and consequently so many possible federal criminals, main Justice and USAOs have what are called prosecution guidelines, which are in fact minimums, minimum losses, that they will not prosecute unless forced to by publicity. And the black lives lost and the ethnic cleansing did not meet the Justice Department mandatory minimum loss.

The poor Varrio Hawaiian Gardens got caught up in some bad publicity and crimes that the FBI would not investigate, much less the USAO not prosecute, suddenly became an issue.

However, the illegal aliens and legal aliens that make up the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, and their criminal history, were for a long time not an interest of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service then, nor of ICE now, despite the fact that the legacy INS and ICE's primary responisibilty if arresting illegal aliens and legal aliens involved in general criminal activity.

The Varrio Hawaiian Gardens can rest easy that this will be the only action taken against them, as Janet Reno Napalitano has instructed ICE to concentrate on arresting business owners who hire illegals and aliens already in the criminal justice system. In one case, the investigation of business owners, will result in ICE spending long fruitless hours trying to prove an employer hired illegals when all an illegal has to do is show a document that is facially apparently valid to gain employment. Counterfeit documents, most of good quality are widely available. And, because an employer may not reject a document or face legal action by the Deparment of Justice itself, any investigation into employer culpability is going to be long hours of wasted investigative time and resources. The ICE emphasis on aliens in the criminal justice system will not be as fruitless, but will be of little effect. Illegal aliens in the justice system will be easily removed, but the huge numbers of legal aliens will not go so easily, as they will have extensive rights in removal proceedings, and will be able to draw out their proceedings in immigration and appealate courts.

What is needed is the long term application of immigration law enforcement throughout the country. But, Los Angeles is a defacto sanctuary from immigration enforcement. ICE will not apply the resources or the techniques to find and arrest large numbers of illegals. In cases like Hawaiian Gardens, the most effective technique is a sweep of the town for illegals; deploying large numbers of agents on the streets to question and arrest illegal aliens, including targeting schools, welfare offices, places of employment and the commericial establishments that illegal patronize. A long term effort would also include using federal and state databases of welfare and health care recipients that would expose illegal aliens, but also discourage the illegals from coming for the benefits they cannot get in their country of origin.

But, just as Janet Reno Napalitano refused to participate in the investigation into the murders of blacks by illegal and legal aliens, she is refusing to take any action to cleanse Hawaiian Gardens of the sea in which the killers swim, the illegal and legal alien population. That is the story of immigration law enforcement under Obama. And dead Americans are the cost of that policy. But Obama is only concerned about the rights of terrorists, not the right of Americans to life, liberty, and property.


J. said...

Your ignorant, racist diatribe against Mexicans and Blacks is absolutely laughable. If you have ever bothered to read a history book, you would know that the biggest ethnic cleansers, second only to Hitler, are white Americans. As is typical, justice in this country only applies to whites or those who can afford it.

First off and for the sake of argument, assuming that the charges against this gang are proven true ("...presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.") and that they were engaging in race crimes and murdering police officers, the FBI and the Sheriff's office are the appropriate agencies for this. Should they be convicted, again, by actually adhering to the justice system, then a long prison stay will be just. By focusing on ICE alone, you are turning a criminal case into a racial one and are therefore just as guilty of the same racism you are denouncing these suspects for.

The Southern Poverty Law center denounces ALL hate groups regardless of race or religion and keeps tabs on them accordingly. Of course no one will raid the klan - they are an American institution, as bigoted and racist as the nation's history itself. And of course, they are white.

I also find it absolutely laughable that you are now trying to lump black and white together. White people, and I assume your racist ass is included in this, generally want nothing to do with black people or at least poor black people. Now the big bad mexicans and salvadoreans are a threat to "us" all! You assume that all Mexicans and Salvadorean immigrants are lawless, violent and racist, further pointing out your own ignorance. The vast majority of latino immigrants work and work hard and are peaceful and law-abiding.

I am further amused by your beating the "ethnic cleansing" drum. If your logic is to be believed, blacks and whites lived in perfect harmony without ever so much an incident of racism among them. BULLSHIT! As soon as black people move into a neighborhood, the sentiment is "there goes the neighborhood" and there goes the white exodus as well. You are further tarring even "legal" immigrants with your crass blanket statements by stating that population density equates dominance. If that is the case, then white people are pretty much "dominant" any place else and therefore the same slander applies. I don't equate population density or a majority with dominance so long as human rights are respected equally.

As for your claim that "whites are victims as well" by way of welfare, again, you are further engaging in racist assumptions. Such social services exist for the poor so that they can eat and live just as you do without having to resort to crime in the absence of work to put food on their tables.

You state that "Whites either keep Mexicans out by using property price, or move out once Mexicans move in, because they know what will happen next." You can just as easily replace "Mexican" with "African-American" and the same statement rings equally true. It is not an issue of race; it is an issue of poverty and it is no coincidence that those who qualify are usually Black or Brown.

This one incident does not erase centuries of the same time-honored ethnic cleansing you claim to denounce at the hands of the klan and other white supremacist groups which are growing in number. Even more racist is your allegations that Korean grocers are a threat; they are honest business people or at worst, as honest as any other American businessperson.

You state: "Blacks need to learn that whites aren't the only target of the radical left's policy of replacing the American population with third world immigrants, even violently if necessary." I recommend Rush Limbaugh's show to you as you two would certainly agree on *everything*, the both of you being high-minded, well-educated intellectuals and all.

If you are so concerned with the safety of Black people, get a college education and a membership in the NAACP. I bet you won't have the balls to publish a rebuttal.

Federale said...

Hey J, or should I say Jose? With your profile hidden I cannot know, but I can conclude that you are the racist coward and terrorist appologist.

First, whites and blacks are native born English speaking Americans, unlike the Mexicans who are litterally killing black people, the poor black people who cannot get away from your fellow Mexicans. Blahh, blahhh, innocent until proven guilty. OK, lets wait until the trials are over. But, if you weren't a stupid Mexican, you would know that 99% of those charged in federal courts either plead guilty or are convicted. But we will see, won't we? I will be waiting for your appology, and, of course, reparations to the black victims of your Mexican violence.

And, no, you moron, an illegal alien is the primary, but not sole jurisdiction of ICE. But there is your problem, you don't want ICE arresting you fellow Mexicans. Perhaps not arresting you, as you have the illegal alien mien about you.

But these crimes, as I clearly state, could not have been committed, if ICE had not failed in its duty; its duty to find, arrest and deport illegal aliens, 99% of whom in Hawaiian Gardens are from Mexico. And they live among a population of legal Mexican immigrants, who actively and passively support the ethnic cleansing and other illegal activity of their fellow Mexicans.

The SLPC is a racist anti-white, anti-Christian hate group that defrauds those who donate by claiming they fight racism, but, in reality, line the pocket of Morris Dees.

So, that makes you the only Hebofile Mexicans. Most of your Brown Beret brothers hate the Jews, for no apparent reason, as the Reconquista groups live off the work of Jewish hate groups.

Jose, the enemy of my fellow countryman is my enemy, and blacks are victims of the Reconquista as much as white people. It should not surprise you that we can unite on this issue. At least we can speak English to eachother.

No, white liberals like Baraka Hussein Obama don't like sending their children to black schools nor did Baraka Hussein Obama live in Cabrini Green, but Hyde Park, with alot of other white people, so it should be no surprise to you that neither whites or blacks like Baraka Hussein Obama like living with blacks, but Mexicans are the enemy of us both.

And, by the way moron, the Korean grocers were cleansed by your black friends.

And, by the way, it has nothing to do with population density, but the behavior of the population. Mexicans start killing whites and blacks once they achieve enough numbers to protect themselves from retaliation and law enforcement. Read here sanctuary city.

Property value also keeps out white trash, but then, like Obama, whites don't want to live with either blacks or Mexicans and Mexicans, poor ones at that, don't want to live with poor blacks or middle class whites.

It is a function of Mexican racism and stupidity that they don't want to emulate white values.

If the vast majority of Mexicans and Salvadorans were law abiding, why are they tolerating criminal behavior by their fellow residents?

And, by the way, whites brought civilization to America, to Africa, and to Asia. Everything from the computer to fire departments to vaccines to the mechanization of agriculture. If you don't like white culture, just leave. Live in a jungle without welfare, medicine, surgery, electricity, etc. You hypocrite. You live of white achievement, but hate it. Get a brown live and move to a tiny village in Guatamala and live of an acre of corn for a year.

I have a college degree, but have no intention of giving any money to the lazy welfare recipients of the NAACP or the Reverend Jesse Jackson or Reverend Al Sharpton.

Here it is mother fucker, my manly response.

Chitz said...

"First, whites and blacks are native born English speaking Americans, unlike the Mexicans who are literally killing black people [ . . . ]"

Ahhaaahahahahah! This quote really cracked me up!

Muslims brought soap and sewage systems, as well as quarantines for the sick to rid Europe of the Dark Ages.

Obviously, you manly mother-asshole fucker, you aren't happy with the "white achievement" of the US, otherwise, you wouldn't be spewing this bullshit and calling others names who don't agree with you. I really hope you don't eat tortillas or mexican hot sauce, cuz then you'd just be a hypocrite.

Go ahead and hide behind your college degree. You gracefully use the excuse of not wanting to support certain organizations, when in fact, you probably can't actually make something good of yourself.

Don't worry though. I'm not too racist. When you come into my office, complaining of fecal incontinence and dementia, I won't revert to the native Chicana non-English speaking genocidic gal you refer me and others to be. I'll be kind, and even use lube and breathing techniques so that you remain comfortable.

Ahhaaahaaa! You crack me up federale-ballsucker!
And it IS fun to call people names, huh? It makes me feel like such a girly man!

Federale said...

Chitz, you coward, you hid your profile. But, like Jose, you are a coward.

Since you are on the internet, you need to get off of it as that is a white invention, just like innoculations, space flight, plastics, and welfare checks for you and your lazy relatives. Get a hair cut you commie hippie.

Muslims contributed nothing to civilization despite your homosexual fawning over Baraka Hussein Obama.

Facts about civilization: (h/t Gateway Pundit:

Student of history, Barack Obama, spoke to the Muslim World this week.
During his speech Obama congratulated the Muslim World for their many accomplishments.
Obama’s Cairo Speech - The Transcript:

"As a student of history, I also know civilisation’s debt to Islam. It was Islam – at places like Al-Azhar University – that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed. Islamic culture has given us majestic arches and soaring spires; timeless poetry and cherished music; elegant calligraphy and places of peaceful contemplation. And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality."
Unfortunately, Dear Leader was once again repeating Far Left talking points and not facts.
Here is what he forgot to mention:

** The compass- The use of a magnetic compass as a direction finder occurred sometime before 1044, but incontestable evidence for the use of the compass as a navigational device did not appear until 1119 in China. The earliest reference to an iron fish-like compass in the Islamic world occurs in a Persian talebook from 1232- Wikipedia.

** The pen- Ancient Egyptians developed writing on papyrus scrolls when scribes used thin reed brushes or reed pens. The quill pen was used in Qumran, Judea to write some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then introduced into Europe by around 700 AD before the founding of Islam. Ma'ād al-Mu'izz, the Fatimid Caliph of Egypt, was provided a fountain pen 250 years later- Wikipedia.

** Printing- Woodblock printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper- Wikipedia.

** Spread of disease and how it is healed- It's not clear how Islam contributed to the understanding of disease but today Muslim Sharia Councils in Nigeria and Pakistan have opposed vaccinations in their districts.

** Arches- Arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian brick architecture, but their systematic use started with the Ancient Romans who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures- Wikipedia.

** Religious Tolerance- No churches or synagogues have been destroyed in Saudi Arabia since it was established in 1932 —because none are allowed. There is no declared Muslim state, which offers full civil rights to members of other religions. - Front Page.

** Racial Equality- Muhammad and many of his companions bought, sold, freed, and captured slaves. At the end of the 19th century, a shift in Muslim thought and interpretation of the Qur'an occurred, and slavery became seen as opposed to Islamic principles of justice and equality. This interpretation has not been accepted by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. Slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the African republics of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sudan.- Wikipedia.

Chitz said...

Uhh! How dare you call me a hippy, faggot! Haa haa! NOT!

I don't mind using things invented by white folk, but I also like to eat tortillas and use soap. I totally admit that. So no, I will not get off the internet.

You on the other hand, have much to boycott, including soap, you DIRTY WHITE TRASH HIPPY! But you can continue to inoculate yourself with heroin, both white inventions, without feeling the white man's guilt.

So regarding my profile. What is it that you would like to see? My sex, age and name? haa haa!

I guess I can pick a random photo:
a random quote: "come mierda"
and random interests: banjoing, ceramics, surfing, etc...

that should suffice. It's all YOU have, you "Namby-Pamby in Denial"!

KeepItREAL said...

Guys, I watched a documentary (i.e., History Channel, GangLand) which traced the edict to cleans Black Americans from certain gang controlled Latino neighborhoods, or neighborhoods with growing Latino gang influence, back to the Mexican Mafia in the penal system (i.e., prisons)... The Mexican Mafia battling with Blacks inside of the prisons, then issued the edict to Latino gangs inside & outside of the prisons, to push Blacks out of the neighborhoods that those Latino gangs controlled or had influence. In addition, the Mexican Mafia also passed an edict to expunge Blacks from the ranks of those predominantly Latino gangs which had Black members... The Mexican Mafia also forces Latino gang members outside of prison, to collect taxes (extortion) of drug dealers in those Latino gang members respective neighborhoods which are funnelled back to the the Mexican Mafia leaders in prisons... The Mexican Mafia leaders exert control and influence over Latino gang members outside of prison, by giving protection to Latino gang members once inside of prison. Moreover, the Mexican Mafia let it be known to Latino gang members that: "IF YOU DON’T DO OUR BIDDING WHILE ON THE OUTSIDE, WE’LL DEAL WITH YOU EVENTUALLY WHEN YOU'RE ON THE INSIDE..." This threat from the Mexican Mafia, is something most Latino gang members can really appreciate, because they realize that the chances are excellent that at some point and time, they’ll wind up in prison doing a stretch, and none of these Latino gang members want to deal with the possible "hellish/nightmarish" scenario, of being squeezed between possibly hostile Blacks on one side, and a hostile Mexican Mafia on the other side, with NO PROTECTION FROM EITHER SIDE, in between...