Saturday, May 2, 2009

Genocide Is The New Black

Liberalism continues its war on humanity. Again white people and Western civilization stand-in for humanity, but liberals are not either bright enough or are dishonest enough to have it appear to part of their civil rights struggle.

First, there is a new film out that portrays white humans as warmongering bigots out to destroy another race of peaceful inhabitants of Terra, the only planet available for human colonization. This movie has all the psyco-sexual fantacies of the radical left: White Western humans destroy Earth, genocide of another species of color that loves music and art (interestingly enough it is not the Karen Finley or Robert Malanthorpe type of art), and lots of violence of the western type, techonological kind. For some reason, liberals just love to juxstapose western technology, like aircraft and weapons, with other western achievements like music and art, but attribute the art and music to non-western cultures, especially primative cultures that could not or do not support high art and music. Like the other recent movie about the black homeless musician, The Soloist,, liberals attribute art and music to cultures other than ours, but, in fact, all the art and culture they love, or pretend to love, comes from the West and the performers from the west as well. Hence, we have in the Battle for Terra, everything in the liberals fantacy: Earth destroyed by white people, white people using evil western technology to attack another species of color, who only love art and music.

Next we have the penultimate fantacy of the radical left, the destruction of humanity. Even more than the Battle For Terra, where liberals' psyco-sexual fanticies of domination and extermination are played out, Life After People is the penultimate goal of liberals like Baraka Hussein Obama. Liberals just hate people and always see people in opposition to the environment in which people live. This program delves into the ultimate desire of liberals to exterminate humans. The visceral hatred of Western man's accomplishments in architecture and technology is sickenly exposed as the program delves into the slow demise of mankinds cities, but only the cities build by white men. Nothing is shown of the shantytowns of Africa, the slums of Pakistan, or the oasis cities of Arabia. Nothing is mentioned about the slow deterioration and destruction of the cities of East Asia. It is abundently clear that the History Channel hates white people and western civilization and revels in its destruction by the forces of nature.

This is what we are up against. The ultimate goal of liberalism is the destruction of humanity. This shows that liberalism is truely a mental disorder, it is suicide. The funny thing is that these liberals claim to love people of color, but they are also targets, which does not show much for the people of color who are the shock troops and voters that give us genocidal liberalism.

So, the question is, why are blacks and Hispanics voting for genocide of themselves? I understand that white liberals are suicidal, but are blacks and Hispanics smart enough to realize that they are targets as well?

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