Monday, May 4, 2009

Health Nazis Not An Exageration

One of Hitler's former secretraries' memoir of her days with Der Fuehrer is in the news again and the most important part of her experience is the increadible similarity between the ideology of Nazism and today's leftists.

It appears that beside being a Nazi, Hitler was a Health Nazi as well, sharing today's Smoking Nazis' opinions on health issues. Christa Schroeder noted:

'Today's theme was that old chestnut, smoking. He would start out with special reference to narrowing of the arteries caused by smoking. How awful a smoker's stomach must look. Smokers lacked consideration for others, forcing them to breathe in polluted air. He had really toyed with the idea of outlawing smoking anywhere in Germany. The campaign would begin by having a death's head printed on every cigarette pack. "If I should ever discover," he often said, emphasising the depth of his antagonism to smoking, "that Eva were secretly smoking, then that would be grounds for me to separate from her immediately and for ever."'

Imposing one's will on another is derigeur for today's liberal and apparently Nazi in origin. Notice how Hitler wanted to start it, just like it was started here, with warnings from the Surgeon General, then banning, and then arrest. I guess that is the next step here.

Be sure and bring this up the next time someone tells you to stop smoking or esle.

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