Friday, May 22, 2009

Hugh Hewitt: Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal

Hugh Hewitt has again become the darling of the "fiscal conservative, socially liberal" RINO crowd. In two hours of interviewing Meg Whitman, RINO running for Governor of California, Hugh spent about one minute on the social issues, consisting of three questions on gun control, abortion and gay marriage. Whitman was predictably liberal, taking the Obama position on gay marriage, against it only because of fake gay marriage called domestic partners; for California's useless and unconstitutional ban on certain firearms; and a big Obama supporter on abortion, she loves it in all cases, except she supports parental notification. Hugh went on to say he doesn't do gotchya questions on details in public policy and consequently did not ask Whitman on how she is going to reduce the deficit without raising taxes. Whitman bragged about how she could save a few billion from the budget through unidentified efficiencies with technology, but, of course, did not identify how she was going to do that. Just like Arnold Schwartzenegger, who said he would cut waste and use money more efficiently. However, she provided no details on any budget cuts or savings. Nothing on the hard issue of the massive public pension problem, billions used to support illegal aliens, and nothing about crime. Pete Wilson was just like her and appointed liberal judges that gave us homosexual marriage. So Hewitt is giving us another Governator. At least Pete Wilson was against illegal immgration, but Whitman won't go even there. The deficit will continue unless you address those two issues that are driving the budget, illegal immigration and pensions for bureaucrats. She is MIA on both of those. How is she going to solve the budget mess? Just trust her? I think not. We got John McCain, the Governator, and Pete Wilson with that line.

So, just why is Hewitt trying to sell us Meg Whitman? Perhaps because Hewitt is just another country club RINO who does not really care about the Constitution and its protection for firearms ownership, much less protecting the unborn or securing our borders and our budget.

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