Friday, May 29, 2009

Janet Reno Napalitano: Missing In Action, Again

Hell freezes over. Andy Junior, the Attorney General of New York, has just announced a far reaching and ever expanding immigration fraud investigation. (h/t I, for one, was knocked over that a lefty Demoncrat would be concerned at all over immigration fraud. Of course the illegals themselves are not being target, but their aiders and abettors. Perhaps this is Andy Junior's attempt to use the U and T visas, those issued for victims or witnesses of crimes, to be legalized. Those with U and T visas are granted employment and welfare authorization and eventually can adjust their status to legal permanent residents.

However, the investigation did expose many other aliens who were aiding and abetting the illegals to criminal jeopardy and possible deportation. Shocking for a Demoncrat to expose an alien to deporation, of course, unless you are an U.S. citizen railroaded with evidence manufactured by the KGB or you assisted the U. S. government in killing communists in Central America.

However, the real news was not Andy Junior's stunning achievements in exposing immigration fraud in New York, but, as usual, the absence of Janet Reno Napalitano. The Department of Homeland Security and its investigative arm, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has primary jurisdiction to investigate immigration fraud. However, they were MIA, as usual. Just as they were MIA in the investigations into ethnic cleansing by illegal aliens in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. It appears again that Janet Reno Napalitano was searching high and low for American citizen abortion protesters, gun owners, veterans and Minutemen to arrest. And, of course, without any legal authority to do so.

In the Hawaiian Gardens failure, at least Janet Reno Napalitano can claim that the FBI can exercise primary and exclusive jurisdiction in any criminal investigation, however, although Andy Junior has an ego the size of the FBI, he has no legal authority to keep ICE out of this investigation. Curiously, Janet Reno Napalitano is exercised about Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigating and arresting illegal aliens and has supported the baseless Department of Justice Civil Rights Division investigation into Arpaio. However, not a peep out of Janet Reno Napalitano concerning Andy Junior's junior G-man badge. Besides the obvious Demoncrat good, Republican bad explanation, I don't understand it. As Governor of Arizona she claimed that immigration was the sole jurisdiction of the federal government.

But, what remains, is that Janet Reno Napalitano has allowed all of the State of New York to become a sanctuary for illegal aliens and those who devise and manage the schemes by which illegals arrive and remain in the United States without any effort by her and the DHS to stop it.

Faithfully executing the laws of the United States? I think not.

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