Sunday, May 3, 2009

Minorities, Immigration And Dishonesty

Another Clinton hack has been appointed to a position in the Department of Homeland Security.,0,2053675.story (h/t Fire Coalition

Besides being a Clinton hack and an attorney, the appointee, Alejandro Mayorkas, served as a US Attorney for the Central District of California, where he was a drug dealers best friend. Janet Reno Napalitano praised Mayorkas for his law enforcement, civil rights, computer crime and international money laundering. I wonder how she found that experience, but as a United States Attorney he had nothing to do with any of that. US Attorneys, especially minority US Attorneys like Mayorkas, and Eric Holder who was the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, are political hacks who soley raise money for the president who appointed them. Studiously avoiding prosecuting the president's political allies and contributors, and extorting money from large corporations. In Mayorkas' case, stop enforcing the drug laws of the U.S. He was a big supporter of drug dealers and illegal aliens. Under Mayorkas, federal prosecution of crime virtually came to a standstill in the Central District. He instituted a practice of minimum losses before any crime will be prosecuted, with the minimum there being, for instance, in a case of fraud, the loss would have to be over $100,000.00 before the US Attorney's Office would consider prosecting. Basically it gave a green light to criminals to commit any crime. Similar minimums were instituted for drugs and previously deported illegal aliens: For drugs, there was a minimum of approximately 30 kilograms of cocaine and hundreds of pounds of marijuana. For illegal aliens, you had to be deported 20 times before you would be criminally prosecuted for rentering the U.S. afer deporation.

Now, with this history of avoiding the enforcement of the laws of the U.S., he is now going to head the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I can imagine his new policy of investigation of fraud committed by illegal aliens in obtaining benefits from the U.S. It will be something on the order of if we catch you, we will let it go. Will you have to get caught committing fraud 10 times before you are deported? That will most likely be the new policy.

Interstingly enough, this minority non-minority is a white Cuban of Greek descent. Again Obama uses race hustling as the basis for chosing nominees.

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