Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pakistan's Phony War Or The War Designed To Be Lost

Those with some knowledge of history remember the interregnum in World War II that lasted from the conquest of Poland by Obama's fellow fascist Hitler and Obama's hero, Stalin in 1939 and the attack on France in the summer of 1940. That time was called the Phony War, as German troops faced off against British and French troops across the heavily fortified Maginot Line. It was a winter of little fighting and most thought that the war would peter out; the conventional wisdom said that Germany could not defeat France and Great Britain. And the performance during the Phony War supported that conclusion.

We have today another phony war. This is being waged, or not waged between the Pakistani military and the Taliban/Al Queda alliance.

It is phony for two reasons. First, the lower levels of the Paki military and the Interservices Intelligence Services (ISI) are decidedly jihadist. Basically all levels of the Paki military are jihadi and the civilian government is either too frightened or unwilling to control the military and purge the ISI.

The second reason for a phony war is that the actual performance of the Paki military is designed to alienate the population and is not committed to actually defeating the Taliban/Al Queda alliance. Specifically it refuses to commit the numbers of professionally trained military units, especially infantry units, to defeat the alliance. The strategy of the Paki military is to bomb civilians and alienate them, forcing them to chose between those who will kill them, Taliban militants or Paki military bombs. The Paki military has decided not to win over or protect the civilian population but to wage an air war against the Taliban. Of course, without our ability to discriminate between terrorists and the civilian population, the Pakis are running an air campaign like WWII, basically bombing everything in site. That works on an enemy population, but this is a counter-insurgency campaign, not a war between nations. So the Paki military is deliberately causing discord with its own population, with the intent of assiting a Taliban/Al Queda victory.

Here is the money quote from a Swat refugee: "Why are they only shelling, which hurts the public most of all and creates anti-government feeling?"

And more from an analyst who sees the Paki military obsessed with India: "'They are trying to shift the priorities, but still the mindset is always toward India,' said retired general and military analyst Talat Masood."

Face it, the Pakis are playing us for suckers and Baraka Hussein Obama is glad to oblige, for a Sharia state is his goal as well.

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