Friday, May 29, 2009

A Return To The 9/10 Mentality

The Los Angeles Times has confirmed that Baraka Hussein Obama has decided to return to the reactive pre-9/11 mentality in the fight against terrorism. Instead of finding, interrogating and/or killing jihadis, the FBI will lead the overseas fight against radical Islam with arrests, interviews, and indictments. However, as the Bill Clintong Regime showed, that is ineffective and deadly for Americans. The East Africa Embassy Bombings, the first attack on the WTC, the USS Cole, and, as you should all know, 9/11 was planned and implemented under the Clintong Regime. The terrorists entered the U.S. under Bill Clinton, got their training in both the U.S., Germany, and in Afghanistan. Their planning was conducted in the U.S., Germany and Afghanistan. During that time period, the law enforcement FBI model did not work. It did not stop any major attack. It did not stop 9/11, it did nothing.

What this shows is that the Obama Regime wants to see more dead Americans. Since most of those killed on 9/11 where white corporate, military, law enforcement, or firefighters, Obama will rejoice at those deaths. As proof, I offer the Obama Regime's opposition for equal rights for white Americans: Obama supports discrimination against white firefighters. and nominated a judge to the Supreme Court who also supports discrimination against white firefighters, the openly racist Sonia Sotomayer.

Remember, Obama's best friend forever was Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who killed cops in San Francisco and and New York. and

So, get ready. Some Americans are going to die, killed by the Obama Regime. Will it be you?

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