Friday, May 8, 2009

Talk About RINOs Or Hugh Hewitt's Legal Jihadi

Much has been made about Republicans In Name Only with the recent defection of Arlen Spector. However, there is a more important RINO, or a CUYAAL, a Conservative Unless You Are A Lawyer, Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt, who rationalizes any crime or deviance if you are an attorney, such as his BFF, Erwin Chemerinsky, the paid representative of Al Queda terrorists, who denies that white people have the same rights as non-whites, and says that Congress can allow territories and the District of Columbia to send voting representatives to Congress despite the fact that the Constitution specifically states that only States may send representatives to Congress.

Hewitt's latest venture into the radical left was a softball interview of the attorney John Tehranian, who is the Al Sharpton of Persian/Iranian Americans and, of course, a fellow professor of Hewitt's at Chapman University Law School. Tehranian wrote a book complaining that he was falsely accused of being white and consequently did not get a job at a law school because the law school did not want to hire a white. His complaint is not that white people are being discriminated against, and Hewitt did not complain about the discrimination against white people, but that he did not consider himself white. He considers himself to be part of a Middle Eastern race.

Now, all of you probably know that there is no Middle Eastern race. According to federal law there are Caucasians or whites, blacks, Negro or African Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Then there is a nebulous quasi ethnicity or Hispanic surnamed group. All of these have problems, since black is not the same as African American, since there are millions of Africans who are not black or Negro, such as North African Arabs, Berbers, Afrikkaners, and various Indian and Asian immigrants to Africa. But leave that for another day, as we just have to talk about white people.

Whites or Caucasians are defined by the federal government as people from Europe, including Asian Russia, the Caucauses, the Middle East, the Near East, and northern Africa. Now, of course this is absurd, as many north Africans, Egyptians, Saudis and Yemenis are closer to black than white. But, most are not. But this federal definition excludes the Aryans of northern India, many of whom are more Caucasoid appearing and quite different from almost black Dravidians of Southern India. The identical north Indian Aryan type over the border in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan are classed as Caucasian, though many are East Asian looking, like the Tajiks.

However, back to Tehranian and the Persian and Iranian peoples. Iran is only just over half people of Persian ethnicity. The rest are Armenian, Azerbijiani, Baluch, and Arab. The Armenians and Azerbijianis are clearly Caucasian like their Georgian cousins, and in appearance racially indistinguishable from their Persian countrymen. Perians are white, no doubt about it. They may be predominately dark haired, but so are the Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Italians, Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Serbs, and Portuguese. So to claim that Persians, much less Iranians, are racially distinct from whites or Caucasians is indefensible. As proof, here is a story about white Arabs discriminating against black Arabs. Makes any claim of a Middle Eastern Race or Ethnicity false.

And, unlike the ridiculous federal distinction of Hispanic ethnicity, which excludes Portuguese and Brazilians, which is based on a Spanish surname, there is no equivalent Middle Eastern ethnicity, as Middle Easterners may speak Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Greek, Azerbaijani, or Aramaic and practice numerous different religions. Most, however, are distinctly Caucasian by race. Clearly they aren't northern European looking, but then nor are the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatians, Greeks, Hungarians, Russians, Georgians, or Macedonians.

As a typical RINO or CUYAAL, Hewitt let Tehranian slip by with his "I am not white claim," but more importantly, let him slip by with "I have nothing against discrimination against whites." Here we have an attorney, who was the victim of racial discrimination, who refused to identify the law school that openly and admittedly used race to determine his non-selection for employment, refusing to take action. If this really happened, where was the lawsuit?

On this alone, I don't believe it happened. According to Tehranian's claim the Dean of the law school called him after his interview and said we would have hired you but a group of the faculty voted against hiring your based on race and therefore you cannot be hired. First of all, a vote like that would have been illegal under state and federal law, as well as a violation of the State Bar Association rules. And, one hopes, the rules of the law school as well. So, why did not Tehranian sue? Two possible reasons. First, the dean did not say what he said, or Tehranian is such a racist against white people that he would have preferred not to be known as white so much so that he did not want to proceed with a law suit.

The second explanation does not work for two reasons. First, the law protects those perceived as a race. So if someone perceives me as a particular race and I am not, but am discriminated because of that perception, I am protected anyway. The next reason that the explanation doesn't wash is that even if Tehranian is so obsessed with his non-existent Middle Eastern race, why is he writing a book about it if he was truly so concerned about being seen as white.

So, we are now back to the real reason he is so concerned about not being white. We know now that, in fact, he is white, regardless of his fantasies about being of a Middle Eastern race. Face it, he is as white as Benjamin Nethanayu, another member of the Middle Eastern Race. As the interview progressed, Hewitt was fauning all over him, and Tehranian's real motive came out. He is the Al Sharpton of Iranians. He is obsessed with alleged discrimination against Middle Easterners. He wants to stop profiling against possible terrorists from the Middle East. In other words he is upset that at one time he was delayed going through security at an airport. Like a Jeremiah Wright, he perceives whites as obsessed with him and his potential for terrorism. Tehranian goes on ad absurdum about illegal aliens arrested and illegal alien Arabs detained after 9/11. Hewitt makes only weak attempts to reason with him, but this racist Islamist apologist and protector will have nothing of it. Hewitt here is so weak and refused to confront Tehranian with facts: first that there is no such thing as the Middle Eastern Race, therefore there is no constitutional argument against profiling them and searching them more than other races. Second, there is nothing in the 14th Amendment that prohibits using race or ethnicity as an investigative tool. Just show me on Senator or Congressman from the Congress that passed the 14th Amendment who said that race cannot be used as a pretext to stop and question a person. There is no loss of equal protection because you were searched more than another person at an airport. If there was a 14th Amendment claim, then all persons would have to be searched to the same degree. And given the fact that Tehranian admits that Arabs and Muslims committed 9/11, there is a rational basis for searching all Arabs and Muslims. But, since there is no loss to anyone searched, there can be no claim.

And his reasoning goes like this. All Middle Easterners, but in fact he means only Arabs and Iranians, and not Isrealis, Jews, Armenians, or other Middle Easterners, are profiled by white people and hassled at the airport. He then says we Middle Easterners are no threat, it is those evil Saudi young men who did 9/11 who are the threat, of course, leaving out the Egyptians who particiapted and the Baluchis who planned it. Apparently he started to claim it was OK to profile young Arab men who were jihadis, but then said you have to prove they are jihadis first. Pretty much imposible to prove someone is a jihadi terrorist before he arrives at the airport. Never mind that Tehranian fit the profile as a young Middle Eastern man and proviling him is quite justified, as it is those of the Middle Eastern Race that are killing people, including their fellow members of the nebulous Middle Eastern Race.

Interestingly enough, Tehranian's opposition to being white is clearly based on his hatred of his parents. Why, because his parents considered themselves white as do most Middle Eastern immigrants to the United States, such as Danny Kaye, a descendant of Lebanese immigrants. It appears that little Johnnie Jihadi Tehranian wants to play at being a minority benefiting from affirmative action. He openly claimed that he should have been hired at the mysterious law school just because he was a minority. It seems his fantasy is to be an oppressed black man, always having to fight the system.

Of course, wimpy little Hugh Hewitt is unable to effectively challenge the nonsense of profiling terrorists. His minor objection that we should not be searching grandmothers at the airport were weak and he surrendered to Tehranian's claim that there is some great injustice in the United States because some people, like young Saudi men, are getting searched too much at airports. Worst of all, Tehranian provides only one incident that he cites as evidence of his oppression is being search at an Australian airport and the complaint form he was given was in English and Arabic. And he claims that was proof of profiling. Well, my little Al Sharpton wannabee, you just admitted that it was Saudi young men, who are Arabs, who are of the mythical Middle Eastern Race or Ethnicity, who are killing people. Then Hewitt obsequiously agrees with Tehranian and his claim that America is racist because there were no Persians on the origional TV show Beverly Hills 90210 and only one on the new Berverly Hills 90210. So, obviously that is part of the conspiracy to keep the Middle Easterner down, down like the black man is down, a single television show. Hewitt also and again obsequiously agrees that there are no positive Middle Easterners in the media. What a lie. Almost every portrayal of Middle Easterners is them as victims of racist white Americans. Every Hollywood movie since 9/11 has portrayed them as victims. And the current season of 24 has the Middle Eastern Race as victims again. Why does Hewitt agree to these lies? Because Tehranian is a fellow lawyer and lawyers are smart guys and one can never question their smartness or their loyalty.

Of course, like a typical lawyer, Tehranian claims that the treatment of one of his Arab clients was further proof of the man keeping the Arab down. And Tehranian's proof of that: 1) He was my client and I believed everything my client told me, 2) the Ninth Circuit reversed the ruling in my client's case. Wow, the most overturned Circuit is proof I am right? Hugh Hewitt should have seen through that. It is not called the Ninth Circus for nothing.

It is clear that Tehranian's goal is to create another new race to be oppressed and, more importantly, to benefit from affirmative action and get lots of money by suing the government and private industry. And, more importantly for him, make it easier for future terrorists to attack the United States. We can call him the Ayatollah's Attorney, of the firm Legal Jihad.

And here we have Hugh Hewitt aiding and abetting policies attacking airport security, increasing racial division and a racial spoils system. With conservatives like Hewitt on our side, why do liberals need to exist. Hewitt is the Arlen Spector, as one wag has said, the Arlene Sphincter, of talk radio.

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