Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Asylum Madness

The new trend in asylum is for criminals or victims of common crime to claim asylum in the United States. Obviously the asylum laws were never intended for either criminals or even victims of common crime. However, crazed liberal Asylum Officers in the Los Angeles District Asylum Office, legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service, gave asylum based on common criminal activity to Alex Sanchez, one of the Origional Gangsters from MS 13, a violent street gang with ties to the communist insurgency in El Salvador. He claimed to be reformed and started a career as a communnity organizer and an obviously fraudulent community service organization called Homies Unidos, supposedly founded to fight gangs, but served as a front for continued gang activity. Sanchez was just arrested by the FBI, again ICE was missing in action, for gang related activity, including several murders.

This shows how our asylum laws have been abused by both aliens and the U.S. government. Of course Sanchez was a local darling of the radical left and benefited from close connections to leftists to obtain asylum.

Of course, Homies Unidos was a front from the begining and LAPD knew it, but ICE did not. The radical left were open supporters of Sanchez and his gangbangers, attaching the LAPD and its enforcement efforts against gangs. Salvadoran gangbangers were always an important issue for the left, as the gangsters were exclusively supporters of the communist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Of course, it was under Jorge Bush that Sanchez got amnesty from a hearing officer of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, but for some reason, the Bush Administration did not appeal the ruling to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Which might appear strange as Sanchez was the darling of the radical left at the time. But it just shows you how our asylum system has been abused by liberals and fraud.

Of course the adulation for Sanchez and his phony community service was widespread and his arrest for continued criminal activity in 2000 caused panic in the left, as witness this ACLU attack on the LAPD for daring to arrest a gangbanger. Of course, part of that was an attach on the LAPD CRASH units which were successfully breaking down gangbangers and their code of silence with relentless arrests of the gangsters for any offense they might commit, even minor offenses that the police would usually ignore. This was akin to the strategy to fight gangs in Chicago during Prohibition, with Al Capone going down for tax fraud, not bootlegging. But the ACLU objected to that strategy, just as they object to arresting illegal aliens and terrorists.

Besides the horror of asylum for criminals, Sanchez is tied up with the failure of the legacy INS/ICE and the Bush Administration to enforce immigration laws. MS-13 and other gangs have terrorized Los Angeles and the rest of the country for years with no action by the legacy INS or ICE. What little enforcement that is done is by the police and occasionally by the FBI, but always ICE is missing in action. Whether it be MacArthur Park or Hawaiian Gardens,, what could easily be solved by agressive immigration enforcement methastitizes into serious crime problems with the non-enforcement strategy by ICE.

Even in June 2008, Sanchez, supposedly an anti-gang activist, just complains about any enforcement. Here is is from the NPR story:

"Sanchez says local and federal policing has just pushed gang violence to other parts of the city and outside the country to Central America. Sanchez points to the newly-converted lofts around the park area that are driving up rents. That's what's driving the new effort to clean up MacArthur Park, he says."

Sanchez is not anti-gang, as his only complaint seems to be that gangbangers are being deported. Reading between the lines you can see that he is still in the business. His anti-gang activities appear to be protecting gangbangers and other illegals from deportation. No one ever said liberals are bright, but they appeared eager to be fooled by Sanchez.

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