Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Case Closed

The Center for Immgration Studies has confirmed my earlier observation that the new Obama policy on illegal aliens will be the old Jorge Bush policy of catch and release. http://cis.org/Vaughan/CatchandRelease-287(g) My discovery of the new old policy is here. http://federaleagent86.blogspot.com/2009/06/it-begins-or-more-accurately-it-begins.html

Basically, the policy of subverting 287(g) where local law enforcement arrest and process illegal aliens is ending based on an administrative decree, in violation of the law and an impeachable offense. Baraka Hussein Obama took an oath to see that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed, but violated that oath by refusing to arrest and detain illegal aliens caught in the U.S. The illegal aliens will add to the already unmanageble numbers of absconding illegal aliens who have refused to appear for the hearings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review. It also tells us that the upcoming amnesty will include illegal alien absconders, those already ordered deported and who refused to appear or leave as ordered.

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