Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat Out Of Bag

More on the new policy of not enforcing immigration laws by the lawless Obama Regime. As I said before,, the new Obama policy of not enforcing the law was designed to be a prelude to amnesty. An Obama Regime ally, amnesty advocate and opponent of immigration law enforcement has spilled the beans.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, obviously misnamed, has stopped accepting into custody illegal aliens detained by local law enforcement agencies. Instead of being held in custody, the aliens are given a release on recognizance order, what ever that is, as it does not exist in immigration enforcement. What it probably is depends on how and who arrested the illegal alien. If it was a 287(g) local agency trained and equipped to present illegal aliens to immigration court, it probably means that the aliens are just given an Order To Show Cause, basically an appointment for a hearing before a court of the Executive Office for Immigration Review. If the arresting agency just detained the alien for ICE and is not a 287(g) agency, the the alien gets off scott free. Now given that 85% of illegal aliens who are give Orders To Show Cause never show up for immigration court, the effect is the same, illegal aliens free to live in the U.S.

However, the important part is the statement by the Immigration Policy Center:

“There’s definitely a change in focus,” says Michelle Waslin, senior policy analyst at the Immigration Policy Center in Washington. “[The Obama administration] is reasserting federal control over immigration reform.”

Waslin lets the cat out of the bag and confirms that this policy is designed to support amnesty. Her statement is foolish but revealing, as immigration reform, or more accurately, legal authority over immigration has always been a federal responsibility. The 287(g) program and local enforcement of immigration laws is a separate issue from any changes in immigration law, but the radical left has always considered local enforcement as unacceptable, and fought it at every step. Nevermind that the Supreme Court has always said that State and local law enforcement have an inherent authority to make arrests for federal crimes. Also never mind that State and local agencies have enforced federal laws and regulations. Ever sit on a bus where a sign says "These seats reserved for elderly and handicapped under Federal law?" Enforcement of such requirements are common place. However it is one thing to arrest a non-handicapped person on a bus, but liberals draw the line at arresting illegal aliens. And that is because they want more illegals here.

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