Sunday, June 28, 2009

Immigrants and Healthcare

The Canadians are up in arms that a criminal was denied entry to the United States. The Candadian are not up in arms that their healthcare system cannot provide for an infant's healthcare. The Candians are not up in arms that Americans are paying for their healthcare. Americans are not up in arms that the Obama healthcare plan would make Ava Stinson eligible for this expensive healthcare for free. Americans are not up in arms having to subsidize the out of wedlock healthcare of Ava Stinson. (h/t Hot Air

It appears that Canadians think that America is evil because we can provide healthcare to every Canadian, but don't have a nationalized healthcare system. Canadians, like Mexicans, think that America owes them free healthcare that their governments cannot provide in a nationalized system. As I said before, Obama's plan would make the expoitation of the American taxpayer completely legal and aboveboard, unlike now as it is hidden from the taxpayers by giving free care to illegal aliens at county hospitals. Under Obama's plan, Stinson would qualify for free healthcare because she is a lawfully present alien. Of course, the absurd thing is that she is supposed to get free quality healthcare under Canada's nationalized free system, but obviously can't because it is a nationalized system.

But, as I learned recently, the Obama plan also includes money for illegal aliens. (h/t National Review

"Page 118 [Actually page 120.] targets $33.95 billion to treat the 'special medically underserved population,' including the homeless, public-housing residents, and “migratory and seasonal agricultural workers.” How much of this money will wind up treating illegal aliens?"

So, besides providing free medical care to any alien lawfully admitted, it will also serve illegal aliens. Now, since this new national health insurance government option were just for legal residents, then there would be no need for special programs for groups like seasonal agricultural workers, as they could just walk into any doctor's office, hospital, or clinic to get their care, as they would now have insurance. This section of the act is obviously designed to apply to illegal aliens.

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