Monday, June 1, 2009

An Interesting Revelation

The New York Times had another immigrant sob story. This time the oppressed immigrants were white, but helas, French. Or not so French, as one of them somehow became an American citizen.

This is the story of French partners, no, not gay partners, but just a straight couple shacking up. Verlaine Daeron, 51, and her partner and baker, Marc Ounis, 62, are living in sin as they used to say, even at that age. And, we are not told why, Ounis is an American citizen. They make their living with a bakery in an obscure New Hampshire town. However, they had a little problem. Since they aren't married and apparently don't want to get married, Daeron is in the U.S. on an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. This is a highly specialized visa only available to certain friendly industrially advanced countries, basically western Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and, strangely, the Phillipines. Although a nice bakery and coffee shop, it is not much of an investment and apparently only employ the couple. Hardly the significant business that is required by law.

After a few years, Daeron, had to renew her visa, and I am not sure how she got the first one. I a suspecting that the visa was obtained by adjusting status in the U.S. through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as the application to renew her visa was rightly denied. I have some experience with E-2 visa fraud, and the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service and current USCIS office in Honolulu was notorious for approving every application by a Japanese for an E-2 visa, most of which were fraudulent, as their businesses were usually the tourist shops in Waikiki hotel lobbies, the ones, that as a frequent visitor to those balmy islands, that have no customers, and only one employee, and not the investor. I do have a little inside experience as I knew an employee of one of those shops. They sold expensive crystal nicnacs of a marinetime theme and the $800 quilts sewn by the local Hawaiian women. Only one or two items were sold each week, but the owners never complained about sales. Why, because the alien was content to be living in Hawaii and had independent income from Japan to subsidize their lifestyle.

Now, the only way these Japanese could get these E-2 visas, was to adjust status in the United States with the legacy INS and USCIS. Why, because the Department of State, who issues visas outside of the U.S. enforces the standards for visas much more strictly than when an alien adjusts status in the U.S. with USCIS. Basically, USCIS exists to endorse immigration and visa fraud, as the inventory rich but customer poor hotel lobby storefronts of Waikiki show.

Now our entrupeneural pair from France had a problem. Deoron's E-2 visa application was rightly denied. So the dear citizens of Colebrook, NH, mobilized and expressed their concerns to the Department of State and, because of the political pressure, the Department of State, in an unusual and flagrantly illegal manner, issued a visa that had been denied, apparently without any legal process or formal appeal. Now, you cannot appeal a visa denial, you can only reapply. However, due to the public campaign and some pressure from Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the visa was mysteriously approved.

What, however is the import of this petite histoire sympatique? Well, look at the interference of Senator Shaheen. Without her assistance, there would have been no visa. And we have the reason why a strange and poor woman from Kenya was able to obtain a tourist visa from one of the poorest countries in the world and come to the United States and get into public housing and welfare. And, who is that, who got a visa for which she was not qualified? Why it is Zeituni Onyango, aunt of the President. Just how did someone like that get a visa? Certainly not without help from some political figure, as the Department of State is serious about issuing visas, as Deoron's story shows. Inadvertently, the Times has exposed Obama, but the question remains, who was it that stepped up to help Onyango. I am thinking Dick Durban. But this is how your immigration system runs, like a Chicago ward, with favors to the connected. Not exactly the rule of law, or colorblind justice, Senorita Sotomayor.

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