Monday, June 22, 2009

It Begins, Or, More Accurately, It Begins To End

Immigration enforcement I mean. (h/t American Patrol Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, has immiediately put into effect the new DHS policy of not arresting illegal aliens unless they have committed other serious felonies in the United States. ICE will no longer arrest illegal aliens before they commit other crimes, but only after. Only after an American citizen is dead, or injured, or a victim of another crime. Instead of solving the problem of crime before it gets out of hand, ICE will let crime continue until the criminal commits several serious crimes. ICE doesn't want to participate in the Broken Windows method of solving the crime problem that Rudy Guiliani implemented in New York and saved the city. ICE wants an America like New York 20 years ago, one of abandoned buildings, rampant crime and a declining city. That certainly is the Obama Regime goal. Janet Reno Napalitano is ideologically obsessed with destroying America by importing a crime problem and preping the U.S. for amnesty by making sure no illegal alien is deported before amnesty is imposed. Lets hope that you are not the next victim of illegal alien crime. With all her Secret Service bodyguards, you know that Janet Reno Napalitano will not be one.

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