Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its Official, Back To The Future

Even after 9/11 Jorge Bush was obssessed with illegal aliens and amnesty. It was not until 2006 that any serious immigration enforcement began, but as soon as it began, it is ending, or, more accurately, going back to the future. The non-enforcement by the late Immigration and Naturalization Service is now the new and official policy of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. There will be no immigration raids on employers for the foreseable future. Any raid will first have to have the written assurance of a United States Attorney's Office that they will prosecute employers of illegal aliens before any raid on employers of illegal aliens will be allowed by ICE and Janet Reno Napalitano. This is a defacto amnesty in place, for as a first principle, US Attorney's Offices NEVER give written assurances of prosecution before the evidence is presented to them. No US Attorney's Office could agree to prosecute before receiving the evidence. US Attorney's Offices in any event are filled with the laziest collection of attorneys ever seen. Most Assistant United States Attorneys are usually looking for a reason not to prosecute a case and none agree to prosecute before seeing evidence, much less after receiving the evidence. You must understand that Assistant U.S. Attorney's control their workload and never seek more work than they want. They are free to decline a case presented to them with no knowledge of their superiors. They have the best job in the federal government, as they control the amount of work they do and have little supervision. The only rule is to never loose a case, as that makes their United States Attorney look bad.

This policy by DHS is obviously the precursor to amensty. Many immigration reformers had said that Obama has too much on his plate to go for amnesty, but Obama is going full tilt on every other issue, so why not amnesty, which will ensure Demoncrat majorities for the future? Amnesty is the best thing for the Demoncrat Party, so it will happen. And this defacto amnesty is the first step in having as many illegals here to get amnesty as possible. Just as Jorge Bush wanted amnesty and refused to enforce the law, so Obama is following in his footsteps.

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