Monday, June 15, 2009

Just How Easy Immigration Enforcement Is

You don't need thousands of agents, you don't need alot of high tech equipment, you don't need new laws, you don't need 2,000 mile fences, you don't need anything more than you already have. Just how easy is it to enforce immigration laws. You need a printer, a computer, access to the already established databases of Social Security Numbers and access to the IRS data base. That is how easy immigration law enforcement is. (h/t American Patrol and Vdare

This is just how easy it is. You just send a letter to the companies that employ illegal aliens. Very few employers, aside from your local gardening contractor, pay their employers in cash. Almost every employer pays by a payroll system based on Social Security Numbers and they report all their payroll, including those ever important payroll taxes demanded by the IRS, to the State and Federal governments in one way or another. The penalties for not reporting income taxes and Social Security taxes are just too high; the penalties too great, the consequences too frightening to contemplate for most companies. They are so important that many companies pay their illegal alien employees using a default Social Security number, 000-00-0000. This is how blatant that illegal alien employment is and how little companies fear the government, unless the IRS turns its hungry eye on it.

The above raid, conducted from a desk of an IRS employee, with no attendant photos of ICE agents, no fleeing illegal aliens, no arrests, no meals to be served by the arrestees, no burdening of the immigration courts, just the expense of a single letter to the company, Overhill Farms, that said 200 of their Social Security numbers and their associated payroll deductions were falsified. Overhill Farms quickly caved, gave the illegal alien employees 30 days to straighten out their problem with the Social Security numbers and presto, chango, 200 jobs opened up for Americans. No fuss, no muss, no expense more than a few hours correlating data, postage, an envelope, a sheet or two of paper and the salary of an IRS auditor, cheaper by the way than the daily salary of an ICE Special Agent in the Los Angeles area ($130,000.00 a year by the way with the Los Angeles area locality pay and Law Enforcement Availability Pay of 25% of base salary at a GS-1811-13 step 5 or so). While the 200 illegals remain, they are in a lot of pain. They can't feed their children, they cannot send money home to Mexico, they cannot go to the local mercado, they can't make house payments, they cannot make rent payments, they can't do much. They won't get any accomodation from their banks or landlords, they will likely go home.

However, this will only work if this desktop raid is not the last. This shows us the benefits of E-Verify and Social Security no-match letters. This shows us that immigration enforcement by proxy can work and will work. There is no going back to cash payrolls. That is too obvious and has too much legal exposure, especially for the Wal-marts, Marriotts, Holiday Inns, etc. They can't have one payroll system for their legal workers and one for the illegals. They will be forced to obey the law. We can then focus ICE on the few employers, like the local landscaper, that pay in cash. That would put ICE out of the news.

But Baraka Hussein Obama will not tolerate this IRS desktop raid. It will be the last. Mark my words. Just as the raids in the early Bush Administration by the U.S. Border Patrol on illegal workers going too and from work were quashed. Success by government employees in the performance of their jobs will not be tolerated.

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