Sunday, June 21, 2009

Liberals Must Lie About Immigration

Liberals have an agenda, and, like the Communists they emulate, they lie to achieve that agenda. Liberals have to lie about their immigration agenda, as that is the only method by which they can bring that agenda to fruition. Case in point: The State of Pennsylvania is cleaning up its driver's license system and removing those who are illegal aliens. (h/t American Patrol

The ACLU and the immigration lawyers lobby, AILA, are actively fighting the revocation of the driver's licenses of over 9,000 illegal aliens. In typical fashion, the ACLU and AILA claimed that Pennsylvania was over reaching. And, of course, they chose a seemingly sympathetic class of aliens and lied about the impact of this program directed against illegal aliens, political asylum applicants. Mendatiously, the ACLU attorney, Vic Walczak, claimed that aliens admitted for political asylum don't qualify for Social Security numbers and have no immigration documents. He also claimed that they don't have passports, which in some rare cases is true, but irrelevant.

Here is the money quote: '"Not everybody has to have a valid Social Security card or passport in order to get a driver's license in Pennsylvania, nor in some cases are people eligible to have those documents," such as those granted political asylum, Walczak said. '

Now, that ACLU attorney is just plain lying. First, aliens applying for political asylum qualify for both Social Security numbers, which are valid for employment, and an employment authorization document, Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document, as well as Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Records as an asylee. In any event, most aslyees also have a passport. So Walczak was lying in an attempt to assist illegal aliens in maintaining their Pennsylvania driver's license. And that is what liberals do. They don't have facts on their side, so they have to lie to obtain their goal. And their goal is to flood the U.S. with illegal aliens.

Now without employment authorization, there is no need for any alien to have a U.S. driver's license. Tourists and business visitors do not need a domestic license. If they are really hear temporarily, they can use their license from their home country and an international license. Only a person living here needs a domestic license. What Walczak is doing is trying to assist illegal aliens who arrived here on tourist visas and immediately violated their terms and conditions of admission by living and working in the U.S. Ostensibly legally admitted aliens on tourist and other visas are one of the primary sources of illegal immigration in the U.S. and the ACLU is assisting in their efforts to remain here. That is what this driver's license issue is all about.

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