Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lies, Damn Lies, Healthcare Reform, Immigration And Hugh Hewitt

Recently Hugh Hewitt had an immigration attorney on again, Angelo Paparelli, a propogandist of the highest order for illegal aliens and jihadists. As usual with Hugh, the lies of an attorney are accepted at face value, event those lies promoting Al Queda jihadis, because Paparelli is one of Hugh's gang, Attorneys-at-Law. You can hear the difference in treatment when you compare the Paparelli interview with that of Lawence O'Donnell, who only plays an attorney. O'Donnell got a grilling, polite, but a grilling all the same. And before Hewitt begins the grilling, he asks O'Donnell if he was an attorney and when O'Donnell said no, the long knives came out. There was no mercy and O'Donnell was exposed as the dishonest fool he is.

However, that was not to be for Paparelli. With softballs flying, Paparelli lied like the lawyer he is. The first lie was about healthcare for illegal aliens. Paparelli said that illegal aliens only get emergency care at county hospitals. That, of course, is a lie. Illegal aliens get free healthcare at any emergency room, county, private, city, state, it does not matter which. And, of course, it is not just emerency care, as any medical condition is treated in the U.S. As a matter of fact illegal aliens get free ongoing care at hospitals including long-term care equivalent to highly skilled nursing homes. Attorneys like Paparelli actually are sueing hospitals that remove their illegal alien patients in long-term care situations to their home countries. They claim that hospitals have a legal obligation to provide that care to all illegal aliens.

The next part of Paparelli's lie is that the State of California and many other states, as well as many cities like New York City and San Francisco provide medical care to all illegal aliens. The City of San Francisco has a program specifically designed to provide health care to illegals, as all legal residents of California and the United States have access to Medicare and Medicaid. Sacramento County recently ended open healthcare assistance to illegal aliens. The State of California gives billions to private healthcare clinics that provide healthcare services to illegal aliens and the Medi-Cal program provides access to free healthcare services for mostly female illegal aliens if they are pregnant or have U.S. citizen or legally admitted alien children.

Additionally, Medi-Cal has been cited by the federal government for providing healthcare and welfare to illegal aliens illegally. Of course, other states, follow the same policy of providing healthcare and welfare to illegal aliens, as does the federal government under WIC, food stamps, and other programs, directly or indirectly.

Paparelli further claimed that even if illegal aliens were legalized, they would not get healthcare services, as legal permanent residents (LPR) do not qualify for State or Federal healthcare programs. That, again, is a lie. In most states, including California, LPRs qualify for the state administered Medicare and Medicaid. Other classes of aliens also qualify, those paroled, those on student and working visas, and those who are illegal but have applied for legal permanent residence (e.g. those with contructed legal presence).

Pararelli also falsely claimed that illegal aliens were not covered by SCHIP, State Childrens Health Insurance Program. That is not true, as attorney's like Paparelli are fighting to allow illegal aliens to claim, but not have the claim verified, legal status to qualify.

Again, whe have the program of the left. Lie until you get what we want. Here they are using the lie that legal and illegal aliens don't get healthcare at your expense as part of their justification for the upcoming healthcare reform to ease its passage. As I pointed out previously, the healthcare reform bill will cover most illegal aliens.

And that is the plan, lie and lie until you get what you want.


joyce said...

I dont know where do you get your information. We are a family of LPR and citizes. My husband serves in the brother is my dependent and I have no way of obtaning care for him. We DO NOT qualify for medicaid benefits, my mother a US citizen cares for him because she can not get help.

you cannot get food stamps if you are illegal. you can get wic.

Please do your research and present both sides of the story.

Your comments loose validity

Federale said...

Joyce you are just plain lying. Every county hospital in the US will care for aliens, legal or not. Illegal aliens in San Franicsco qualify for free medical care. Community clinics give out free medical care. Illegal aliens get food stamps for their children and the food stamp alotment is calculated on the size of the household, including illegal aliens.

I am shocked to hear that your husband is aiding adn abetting illegal aliens. He will be prosecuted under UCMJ for that. You are aiding and abetting an illegal alien and will be prosecuted under federal law. Shame on you.

Federale said...

Additionally Joyce, read this: