Thursday, June 4, 2009

North American Congress?

What is that pray tell? The opposite of the South American Congress? Some association of Canadian and American dentists? No, it is the contempt that Sonia Sotomayer feels for the United States. (h/t Ace of Spades

What is in a name you ask? It is hatred and contempt. You see Mexicans consider themselves Americans and contemptuously refer to Americans as Norte Americanos. But, of course, they do not refer to anyone south of them as Sud Americanos. And they don't refer to Canadians as Norte Americanos, even though the reason they use Norte Americanos is as part of their claim that Mexico is part of the North American Continent. Mexicans never refer to Americans as Americans, even though that is the proper word to use to refer to citizens of the United States of America. And Mexicans never refer to themselves as Americanos or as Norte Americanos. As a matter of fact, America or America del Norte is not part of the legal title of Mexico, Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Similarly, if you question a Mexican claims to be a U.S. citizen, they never use the word Americano or Norte Americano, they always say ciudadano, citizen, which, in its context means nothing, except that they think that America was stolen from them. The use of Norte Americano is contemptious, and furthers the claim of Mexicans, and their fellow Hispanics, like Puerto Ricans, that America, or most of the western States are theirs. Of course, the proper Spanish for USA is Estados Unidos de América, but for political reasons Mexicans and Puerto Ricans do not even use the proper Spanish for America. That is how contemptuous Sonia Sotomayor is of America. Norte Americano, North American Congress, colonist, etc. are all terms used by the racist radical left to de-legitimize America and Sonia Sotomayor is one of these racist leftists who hate America. She is not only a racist but an America hater.

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