Monday, June 8, 2009

Slowly It Turns, Inch By Inch, Casting It's Evil Eye About

The Obama Regime Department of Injustice, where race, sex, and national origin are the basis for their actions, not the law, is on the rampage, allegedly, against Silicon Valley and the titans of high tech.

The DOinJ is concerned that the companies are not competing over and poaching each others employees. While schadenfreude makes me happy that these companies, who contributed millions to Obama are getting hit, what is not being prosecuted by the DOinJ is more important. This lawsuit, which I doubt will go far, is like a bikini: It is covering the most important parts. And the most important part here is Google. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Genentech's use of non-immigrant aliens on working visas to replace American workers.

All the big and small Silicon Valley and other high tech area companies routinely use alien workers to replace American workers and drive down wages. Such behavior is illegal and the Department of inJustice, Civil Rights Division, Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Labor Practices, is charged with enforcing the laws against discrimination against American and legal permanent resident (LPR) workers.

What many do not know is that DOinJ CRD OSCIRULP refuses to investigate the largest ongoing pattern of national origin discrimination, high tech firms refusing to hire Americans and LPRs. In refusing to investigate and bring action against employers big and small, especially in the high tech industry which abuses the L-1 and H-1B non immigrant visas in order to drive down wages of Americans and LPRs, the DOinJ provides a subsidy of billions of dollars to these companies in wage savings and increased productivity of these almost indentured non immigrant workers who endure horrible conditions that Americans and LPRs refuse due to the fact that these non-immigrant workers are desparate to be sponsored for immigrant visas by their employers. They will endure anything for this benefit.

The replacement of Americans by these non-immigrant workers is flagrant and ongoing, but the DOinJ refuses to investigate. One reason is the ideology of the CRD trial attorneys who are a bunch of leftist ideologues who just plain hate white people, but both the Jorge Bush Administration and the Obama Regime are lawless in their refusal to investigate. It is amazing that such a rich area of investigative potential remains unexplored. Our current economic crisis and rising unemployment in the high tech sector could be resusitated by massive hiring of Americans and LPRs back into the titans of high tech, and be paid great wages and benefits. However, the Obama Regime is using unemployment as a rationalization for national health insurance, and keeping high tech workers unemployed is part of the Obama Regime plan. And, of course, Eric Holder's and Baraka Hussein Obama's vile and blatant racism is another reason. Without non-immigrants from China and India, the high tech industry would have no minorities. Which itself is interesting, in that the DOinJ CRD also refuses to bring action against the high tech firms for failing to hire blacks and Hispanics. There are virtually none in Silicon Valley, but the DOinJ under both the Bush Administration and the Obama Regime have refused to take action as they do in other cases where blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented, like the New Haven Fire Department. Apparently the millions in contributions has bought their own justice. In any event, this hiring investigation will probably go nowhere, and, like a magician's slight of hand, designed to misdirect the public and give the appearance that something is being done by DOinJ.

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