Monday, June 8, 2009


The Obama Regime, after claiming their immigration enforcement strategy will concentrate on the employers of illegals, is, again, backtracking. They have again delayed implementing Everify for all federal contractors. Not a good sign for enforcement and symptomatic of Obama's and Janet Reno Napalitano's flagrant dishonesty.

However, the only people more dishonest than those two crooks is the attorney for the Chamber of Commerce. "Lawrence Lorber of the Washington office of New York's Proskauer Rose, who represents the Chamber of Commerce in its lawsuit, is also pleased with the delay. He has a laundry list of concerns with the rule: It's illegal, ineffective, costly and overly-burdensome, he claims." Translation: "Everify is effective and a threat to the business plan that uses illegal alien labor."

Another attorney one needs to translate: " ' I think we all have a sense that what ever emerges from this -- it's going to be different from what was in the original regulation," said Eric S. Bord, a partner in the Washington office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. "The rule itself -- I think that it's burdensome ... While it's nominally free, the reality is that it imposes tremendous costs on employers in terms of administrative time and changing procedures in overhead.' "

"Bord also sees some liability issues tied to E-Verify."

Translation: We are afraid that Everify will reveal our dependancy on illegal alien labor and expose us to action by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

All of this brought to you by Babelfish, the handy internet translation service, legaleze to English in seconds.

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