Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uighurs In Paradise

No, not Cheeseburgers in Paradise, but Muslim terrorists in paradise. Fox News is reporting that the Uighurs rendered to Bermuda will bet getting Bermudan passports in as little as a year. (h/t Gateway Pundit

While Eric Holder and the Obama Regime have plans to release the other terrorists held in Gitmo and a indirect strategy to implement their goal. The Uighurs in Paradise present an interesting admission by the Obama Regime that their original plan to bring the Uighurs to the U.S. was illegal. Holder is now claiming that the Uighurs will not be able to enter the U.S. from Bermuda. He says that the no-fly list and the fingerprints will keep the Uighurs out. Presumably since they are terrorists they are not allowed to enter the U.S. By saying that, Holder admitted that the original plan to settle the Uighurs in the U.S. was in violation of the law.

However, there are ways the Uighurs can legally enter the U.S. The U.S. has pre-inspection of arriving flights in Bermuda. And we have the USVisit program. That is a computer system that stores identifiers for aliens collected of visa applicants, aliens who enter the U.S. at sea and airports, aliens arrested and aliens deported.

If the Uighurs obtain their Bermudan passports with their original names, then they can be stopped if they attempt to enter by air. However, a Bermudan passport holder has the right to enter the U.S. without a visa. If they do not fly to the U.S. from Bermuda,they could enter by in another manner. They could make an entry at a land or sea port of entry, they could enter the U.S. legally and undetected. First example. One or more of of the Uighurs flys to Mexico, then enters the U.S. by car. Only the license plate of the car is run in the computer and no fingerprints of occupants of the car are run in the USVisit system that has fingerprints of ineligible aliens in it. Another manner of entry is by car over the Canadian border. Same situation. They enter freely without a visa. Especially if they get their Bermudan passports in a variation of their names which is quite common.

Additionally, they can enter as pedestrians over the Canadian border and Mexico again without having their names or fingerprints entered into the system, USVisit.

So, while Holder now recognizes that the Uighurs cannot enter the U.S. legally, he is doing all he can for them to do so by obtaining for them visaless entry with Bermudan passports. And though they may be on the lookout list and the no-fly list, and we don't know that for certain, they can enter the U.S. legally throught the holes we have in USVisit.

You might ask why aren't those who enter the U.S. by car or on foot treated the same. First, the system will catch too many illegals. The politicians from Jorge Bush and Baraka Hussein Obama don't want Customs and Border Protection to catch too many illegals at the border. It is common for Mexican citizens with border crossing cards to rent out or sell their cards. This is possible because CBP does not check pedetrians and drivers/passengers in cars at the land border with USVisit. The merchants and politicians of south Texas are also lobbyists to not use USVisit at the border. They don't want their workforce and customer base which live in Mexico to be distrupted.

Now, once the Uighurs enter the U.S. they will be free to travel around and assist or commit in terrorist acts. They will also be free to sue the U.S. government for their detention, will qualify for the new healthcare single payer system, and can apply for political asylum.

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