Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wall Street Journal Gets It Half Right

A good description of a immigration fraud ring involving slavery and non-immigrant working visas appeared today in the WSJ. Something I have brought to the attention of the public earlier. However, I had a different tack on the issue. However the WSJ, or perhaps, just this particular writer, got it at least half right. The H-2B non-immigrant employment visa is an invitation to abuse, like this modern day indentured servant, or slavery as the WSJ described it. I might quibble over using slavery to describe it rather than the more accurate indentured servitude, as I am certain, from personal experience, that the aliens in this mess were quite happy to come to the U.S. For they are here and when their visa expires, they were not intending to leave. Like most H-2B non-immigrants, it is just a means to enter the U.S. Eventually, not always right away, they intended to leave their employer and strike out on their own in the U.S. Perhaps an honest H-2B sponsor treats them OK. But then they will just be using it to establish presence in the U.S, bring in the extended family, create a nest egg from meager but reliable wages. That is how it is done.

However, as usual, the WSJ gets it only half right at best. They failed to realize that the H-1B is the same program, only it pays a little high wages, but displaces an American worker. Just as there are plenty of low IQ Americans out there for whom a job cleaning hotel rooms is a good match, there are plenty of highly educated tech workers unemployed now but big businesses, like the hotel chains in the H-2B story, also employ the indentured servants as H-1Bs. While obviously an H-1B tech worker has a higher IQ and consequently the smarts to game the system, like getting recruited by a competitor as the visa is transferable, for the most part the H-1B is stuck. Like the H-2A however, he is in on the deal. He is looking for the brass ring, a green card, or just entry to the U.S. where since Obama is refusing to implement E-Verify, he can burrow into the system and live quite well, if not well, than better than where he came from.

However, the WSJ is a huge booster of H-1B indentured servituted and its stand on the H-2A only exposes it hypocracy. Indentured servitude is the same no matter what the paycheck.

A real solution to the H-2A and H-1B problem is reform of welfare that returns sub-100 IQ Americans to the work place and from the welfare rolls. And an immigration policy that ends family chain migration and replaces it with a system that is based on youth, education, English language skills, and a pro-American attitude. However, don't expect that from the Journal. They are attached to the old system of welfare for their hated American worker, and a pliant foreign workforce that by its current incarnation includes gangbangers, Islamists, and those with ethnic grievances against America.

Well, maybe they only got it a quarter right. But every little bit helps, one hopes.

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