Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welfare, Work, And Illegal Aliens

The San Francisco Chronicle is down on lazy Americans. Curiously it is up on free healthcare for those earning upwards of $1oo,000 a year. In the first Chron story they tout the $25-30K a year salary and an employer subsidized health plan, but they seem not to realize that that is not much of a draw if the City of San Francisco provides it free. And illegal aliens qualify for the free care as well. There is no incentive to work at all if you provide generous welfare to residents. And, of course, in expensive San Francisco, $30K is not much, basically illegal alien wages anyway. Of course, the issue of raising wages to attract better workers is not broached by the author, C. W. Nevius. So we have here the perfect storm, huge welfare subsidies to those who chose not to work, low wages that attract illegal alien labor and a city that supports illegal immigration. Then they tell us that we have to accept illegal immigration because Americans won't work. Well, in San Francisco that is true, no one wants to work. Everyone wants that fat welfare check. Another thing not mentioned is the employers refusal to hire local blacks who have a dismally high unemployment rate, but they aren't looking for jobs, execpt getting on the city payroll where they can retire at a higher pay level than that which there were paid while working.

Of course, Obama's plan is to replicate this at the federal level. Put everyone on welfare and let all the illegal aliens work. But when they get here, they will have no incentive to work if they are on the dole as well. But that was always the plan of the American welfare socialists. At least the Russians made their citizens at least appear to work.


Brittanicus said...

These children of illegal immigrants is a real conundrum, because this must be measured that the parents broke the law of a sovereign country? This law that allows foreign national women to slip through the undermanned national border and by having a child here gives instant citizenship. The truth is that instant citizenship was absolutely meant for the emancipation of slaves once freed after the civil war. Like so many of our laws that have been corrupted by judges interpreting the U.S. constitution for their own extremism. Now these illegal mothers knew full well they were violating US laws, and were still rewarded with many citizen benefits, including housing, education, health care for the child and federal and state mandatory benefits. As at this time new legislation has been drafted, to rescind this wrongly applied law so this error that causes the children of illegal immigrants, immersed in this unresolvable spot. can never happen again.
Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) reintroduced his Birthright Citizenship bill that would eliminate automatic citizenship for children born in the United States. Under the proposed legislation, a person born in the United States, in order to gain citizenship, must have at least one parent who is: a U.S. citizen or national; a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces. To get this law passed--THE PEOPLE--must demand of their Senators and representatives to sponsor this law. Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 (H.R.1868) has 40 legislative sponsors, but needs your attention to this matter. Entering the United States under current law, cost taxpayers millions of dollars to support the birth mother in prenatal care and delivery, whereas American have to pay. Read more about this major issue at NUMBERSUSA, that must be resolved.

Federale said...

Thanks Brittanicus. I think the best solution is agressive enforcement against illegal aliens. We can bypass the sticky constitutional issue and a possible defeat in SCOTUS by just deporting these miscreants quickly. However it will require that hospitals and various clinics that are supported by tax dollars be required to gather information about patients they treat and report it to ICE. They already collect the information, the only question is getting it to ICE. This could be done easily by requiring those that accept federal aid to report. The will be kicking and screaming, but it will work. The best part is the deterant value. The illegals only use hospitals and clinics because they are told they will not be reproted. Once reporting starts, or even just rumors of reporting, the illegals will stop using hospitals and clinics, and fewer will come here for the no longer free medical care.