Monday, June 22, 2009

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Funemployment? Have you heard how your tax dollars are being spent under Obama? I thought stuff like this was only experienced in Euope. In the summer of 1986 I did the Eurail tour of Europe, staying in hostels and campgrounds. What I saw and experienced were not fellow students on summer vacation, but the lazy unemployed and unemployable of England riding the rails and partying it up, all at government expense. They used their not only unemployment payments, but payments for those never employed to enjoy life. Well, now you are paying for the Obama version, funemployment. $1,900 a month for 19 months. That is what you are paying for someone else to enjoy unemployment. That is a year and a half of not having to work. While others slave away for your enjoyment. Ski vacations, hiking, touring Turkey and Isreal, afternoon drinking, and "volunteering." Great work if you can't get it. Here is a money quote of some lazy welfare recipient: "'I don't really define myself by work,'" he said. "'I work to support a lifestyle that's very full and rich and fulfilling.'" Rich and fulfilling at my expense.

Thanks 'Bama.

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